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Applied Science Project Topics with available Materials

ABSTRACT           This research relates to a candle composition containing non-hydrogenated oil and at least one of long chain hydrocarbon and long-chain hydrocarbon derivatives. A candle composition having non-hydrogenated oil and a solidifying amount of congealing reagent.... Continue Reading
  • Type:Project
  • ID:APC0003
  • Pages:42
  • Chapters:5
A RESEARCH STUDY ON IN FEDERAL NEUROPSYCHIATRIC HOSPITAL BARNAWA, KADUNA ABSTRACT The problem of every hospital when the targeted objective is not achieved is that there is something wring either with health care givers, the patients or the general public. In order to improve... Continue Reading
  • Type:Project
  • ID:APC0002
  • Pages:83
  • Chapters:5
  • Methodology:Simple Percentage
  • Reference:YES
CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION  1.1 Background of the Study Breastfeeding is unequaled way of providing ideal food for the health, growth and development of infants and most natural way of feeding them in all traditions. It is an integral part of the reproductive process with important implications for the health of the mother. Human milk is the most... Continue Reading
  • Type:Project
  • ID:APC0001
  • Pages:50
  • Chapters:5