Chapter One
Background to the study
Statement of the study
Purpose of the study
Significance of the study
Research questions
Limitations of the study
Chapter Two
Review of related literature
Chapter Three
Research design and methodology
Sampled area
Sample subject
Research instruments
Administration of the questionnaire
Validity and reliability of instrument
Statistical procedure
Chapter Four
Data presentation and analysis
Chapter Five
Summary, Conclusion and Recommendation
Suggestion for further studies  
It is believed that the study of accounting should start with it relationship to nature and objective of business decision. Our concern centre on how it gives information that aid the decision of management and how management react quickly to make the decision effective through prompt handling of data and make needed adjustment to achieved a set goal. It was the conviction that predicated in me the urge to write on the topic. Accounting information as an aid to managerial decision making. A case study of Ewu flour mill, Edo state of Nigeria
Business organization produce goods and services by exploiting resource like man, material machine etc. which are demand of bze scare in nature, after carefully considering the decision to be taken. It can be seen from the above statement that accounting information is very necessary as an aid in managerial decision making. Because of this necessity a lot of scholars have gotten involved in the research of this study exclude the Nigeria accounting standard board as well as other private individual.
Accounting of the statement (NASB 1984:5) the statement provides a continuing history qualified in monetary term of economic resources and activities also the obligation of business enterprises and at economic activities that change the resource and obligation AICPA (45.D, accounting information therefore, provide the yard stick for measuring the performance of a business organization and is also an instrument against which management compares actual result with established standards. This the information connected for corrective action when actual income deviate markedly from pre-determined goals.
The purpose of this study is to ascertain the use of accounting information as an aid in managerial decision making with specific interest in Ewu flour-mill plc.
This research work is therefore aimed at answering the following questions.
i.                    what is the state of financial report practices in Ewu flour-mill
ii.                 Does the accounting and reporting practice in Ewu meet the information needs of financial statement?
iii.               From what source is accounting information prepared
iv.               Does the decision made accounting information enhancing organization objective.
v.                 What is the level of reliance is managerial having on accounting information.
The main concern of the investigation is to examine the accounting information that aid the management of Ewu in question in making decision and how management react quickly to make the decision effective prompt handling of data.
 A study without clearly defined objectives is baseless and worthless. In considering the above fact, this research aimed at explaining the nature and the need of accounting information in days of activities.
            To fine out the degree to which accounting information has helped in the organization of Ewu flour mill and to find out has such information has helped other to improve the ewu profitable.
This work also enlightens and widens the scholar is horizon and understanding of the importance of accounting information, which is an indispensable tool managements for any organization.
1.4       SCOPE OF STUDY
The research work covers the following areas
            The determination of this information accounting prepared by ewu flour – mill. This research work the various areas that use accounting information that making decision e. management marketing etc
The study will contain the various systems.
            The study will review how operation activities in the organization use accounting information.
The importance of the study is to found in the tittles itself. A good information systems is the pirot of a successful administration, shareholders management, government and others who need accounting information for decision making.
Conversely, improper or unreliable records, poor decision and very. High risk shortens the life span of a business organization. Accounting information is information quantified in monetary term and which is generated from the accounting process.
Operating accounting information related in the information which is require for routine operational activity is of an enterprise, operating information contains the largest part of information generated from the accounting process, this type of information provides the basic data useful for making management and financial accounting decision.
On the other hand, management information consists of all information that are converted, summarized, analyzed and reported in the management accounting process. These information are use by managers top plan, co-ordinate and to control the activities of the organization. Finally, the fact that accounting is a business organization would be a basis for siring the performance of such an organization, is enough justification for embarking as this study financial accounting information are meant to meet the needs of both the organization management and other interested parties. In cooperated organization, this class of information is statutorily required. After time the management of a profit making organization may be faced with the problem of decision making on issues that might have on over bearing influence on the survival of such organization the necessary information concerning the decision has to be evaluate in line with the set best objective with a view to finding and selecting the best alternative. In summary, the following are the significant of the study. To encourage managers in the accounting efficiency can be attained.
To help managers maintain appropriate and reliable cards. This study is design to highlight the new employ trained accountant to record on the nature of transaction in the organization.
1.6             RESEARCH QUESTIONS
The research was carried out by means information gathering. This information came about by the use of already published books. Oral interview and questionnaires.
1.      Is accounting information important to small scale business?
2.      Is the head of account a member of board of management?
3.      How many financial statements are prepared by the company?
4.      When is the end of the financial fear of the company?
5.      Is there an account division in your company?
6.      What factor generally influences the working capital needs of the company?
7.      What factors are considered in making capital structural decision?
8.      What is the staff strength of account department?
9.      Is the account division sectionalized?
10. How many main division/department do you have in your company?
1.7             DEFINITION OF TERMS
ACCOUNTING: - Is the process of gathering, measuring, recording, analyzing, and interpreting business economic activities with a view to communicating some to concerned parties.
INDUSTRY: - The production of goods from raw materials, especially in factories.
MANAGEMENT: - Is the act of running and controlling a business or similar organization.
INFORMATION: - Fact or details.
ORGANIZATION: - A group of whom from a business together in other to achieve a particular aim.
BUSINESS: - The activity of making buying, selling or supplying of goods or services for money.
INDISPENSABLE: - Too important to be without.
CONVERSELY: - In a way that is the opposite
ENTERPRISES: - A company or business
STATUTORILY: - Field by law that must be done by law.


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