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Stabilized adhesive was developed and produced.  The development was made by the production of samples of the adhesive with varied quantities of the active ingredients and the additives.  From the various formulations made, it was observed that formulations A is the best for paper adhesive.
In the formulation, starch was used as the binder, NaOH as a gelatinize,  CaCO3 as the filler, the solvent was water, while formaldehyde was used as a preservative to control microbial attack.  Borax provided the additional strength.
The working properties such as viscosity, strength (Bonding Strength) melting point etc was determined by analysis based on comparative study.  The valves obtained in the table under result in chapter 3.4.0, adhesive was compared farvurably with those already existing in the market.
 1.0         PREAMBLE
 Technology has played an important role in man’s development and thus, has helped to shape the world as we see it today, this could be seen in all facets of industrial ventures, hence the introduction of new products into the market.  
Man’s growing desire to hold two or more substance together by surface attachment so that they can be used as a single piece coupled with the technology advancement has given birth to a broad range of adhesive production to serve this purpose.
The technology has led to the conversion of starch which is gotten from cassava by mild caustic soda solution into a liquid glue that was stable at room temperature.  It is the aim of this project to produce stabilized adhesive from cassava starch.  Though starch can be extracted from other plants for example rice, wheat, potatoes etc. but our case of production is from cassava.    
The starch – based commercial glue is very vital in paper industries and in other industries such as, bonding of corrugated board, laundry work for stiffening purposes, in sizing cloth, etc.
A)           Because of the growing need for adhesive in our local industries, it is the aim of this project to produce paper adhesive from cassava.
B)           It is also aimed at producing adhesive for our local industries so as to achieve self and economic reliance by reducing our dependence on imported varieties or foreign paper adhesives.
C)           It seeks to utilize our cassava resources that is abundant in nature and cheap to secure.
D)           It also help to create employment for our unemployed citizens since adhesive industry does not require complex machinery.   
E)           It is the aim of this project to produce stabilized adhesive system that could stog for a long time before deteriorating.
1.2                   THE SCOPE OF THE PROJECT
The research work involves the extraction of starch from cassava, adhesive production under different production conditions is to determine the effects of varying production composition on the product.  The project would also involve the analysis of the formulation gotten.  It also determines the cost of production per annum of small scale plant.
Comparison between paper adhesive gotten from the market and that produced from the project of paper adhesives from cassava.  It is done by detailed analysis of the products properties.


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