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The banking system is a system in control of finance, which is the life wire of investment and economic growth, its crucial role towards nation building demands and effective and efficient system of operation. The attainment of this objective necessitates the utilization of computers in banking operation. Computerization of banking operation is the vogue in the Nigeria banking system. It facilitate, better customer services, centralization of depict etc. however the computerization of Nigeria bank is fast gathering momentum and is hope that in the fore seeable future, full automation of the sector will be realized.
            The study therefore has evaluated organizational productivities, taking all states trust Bank Plc Abakiliki as a case study. The research findings helped in improving the volume of deposits and profits. Computerization has not however mitigated fraual.
1.1              Background of the study                                                       
1.2              Statement of the study                                                          
1.3              Purpose of the study                                                  
1.4              Research question                                                                  
1.5              Significance of the study                                                       
1.6              Limitation of the study                                                          
1.7              Definition of terms                                                    
Review of Related Literature                                                 
            Definition of computer                                                    
            Features of organizational productivity               
             Computer and data processing                                                   
            Data processing and banking services                                         
            History of all states trust bank plc                                   
            Types of computer                                                                       
            Classification of Computer                                                          
Research Design and Methodology                                                   
3.1              Research design                                                                     
3.2              Area of study                                                                         
3.3              Population of the study                                                                     
3.4              Sample /sampling procedures                                                 
3.5              Instrument of Data collection                                                            
3.6              Method of data collection                                         
3.1              Method of analysis                                                    
Data Presentation and Analysis                                                         
4.1              Data presentation                                                                               
4.2              Summary of result                                                      
Discussion Recommendation and Conclusion
5.1              Discussion of result/findings                                     
5.2              Conclusion                                                                             
5.3              Implication of the research finding                            
5.4              Recommendations                                                                 
5.5              Suggestion for further research                                              
The purpose of this chapter is to introduce the effect of computerization on organizational productivity. The subject matter of this research is broken down into subsections.
1.1              BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY
Today, the business world in undergoing a far-reaching but unfortunately bloodless revolution due to advancement of technology.
            The student, business man and in fact every body would now reading see the indelible impact on modern technology is having on peoples’ life.
One of the technologies that have the greatest impact on our world today is the computer.
Agbsi (1990) defined computer as a piece of machine, which is dumb and unintelligible, it remains unintelligible until made to be otherwise. It is also defined as an electric device capable of accepting data as input as input, processing data according to predefined instructions and produces end reports as results.
            Computer facilitates scientific research and development and international business also benefit from it. The computer is a tool for management decision making, yet, despite this significant potential and advantageous evidence shown by the computer to success in industrial enterprises in developed  economics statistics reveal that the developing countries and in particular Nigeria is lagging behind most Nigeria businesses still depends on the conventional techniques of short sightedness, cumbersome decision making and work system while some organizations have agreed that the installation of the computer is costly in terms of Naira and Kobo value with prevailing economic situation in mind. Others have openly expressed the fear that this machine would displace labour and therefore, create unprecedented unemployment.
At any rate, a recent investigation showed that some corporations have been thinking differently on the matter. It has bee discovered that regardless of this interest to embrace this facility by others, organizations.  This has progressively continued to computerize its operations. This report should examines the effect of computer installation has made on management efficiency of the bank’s operation at this branch level.
A discussion on any topic, this country must consider the nature of times in which we are living because if we could first know where we are and where are tending, we could better judge what to do how to do it. Abraham Lincoln.
            First and more importantly, we are living in a period of economic recession. This is a time of scarcity and one, which required an efficient control of men, money and material resources.
            In other to exercise control particularly in our organizations, management must have a means of doing so. One of such vital means is the computer.
            However, the effect of the computer on organizonal productivity has been much –debated topic right from the beginning. the fear has always been that new machines would put people off work.
            Early in the industrial revolution, textile workers in Northingham, England felt so threatened, led by Mr. Nedindd, they destroyed hundreds of newly introduced machines in the so called motorious Buddhist riot of 1811 –12.
            However, the aim of organizational efforts is to say the least, to improve management information to create efficiency and output to period greater consumer and customer satisfaction. The question still arises, “is the computer really a new frontier of opportunity, the means to salute our problems” or has the computer succeeded as yearned in displacing our workers?
To what extent has the computerization of all. State trust bank plc influenced efficiency, out put and consumer satisfaction?.
Effect of unemployment as a result of introduction of computer?
The speed of operation as a result of computer?
            These questions constitute the problem that this research work has set out address.
The research of management is to make decision for the purpose of achieving organizational goals. It has been sending also that organizations have no time but then, there is the ever-increasing need to give and capture all the effective decisions. Before the advent of the computer in all states trust bank Plc balancing of overdraft, interest on loans preparations of customers’ statement were done manually.
       Therefore, it is the main objective of this report to assess the computerized system against the old times when manual balancing of Judgers were in practice. Specifically we wish to investigate.
i.          Whether the use of computer has effected employment comparatively in terms of additions and log-off.
ii.                  Whether the computer introduction has in any way improved the operational efficiency of the bank with regard to the end of day performance, accounting services rendered to customers, balancing of Judgers, collection of changes like interest on over draft.
iii.        Whether the new system has produced any problem.
iv.        To determine how affective has produced any efficient is the computer as compared with the manual system.
1.4       RESEARCH QUESTIONS      
In order to examine the efficiency of computerization on management in all states trust bank Plc, the following research questions has been formulated.
1.         Do you think that computerization has removed errors in all States Trust Bank Plc?
ii.         Has profit contribution increased due to prompt and accurate balancing of ledgers?
iii.        Do you think that computerization of the bank has increased the speed of operation?  
iv.        Does the introduction of computers create unemployment?
v.         Why is it that fraud in the present computerized system is not feasible?
Vi.       What initial problem do you encounter in the change over?
The study will enable organizations that have not started operating with computers to do so considering its immense advantages.  it will go to a great extent in helping organization to known the possible solution that can be used to minimize or if possible eliminate such problems associated with computer technology.
It will generally help to increase the efficiency on organization productivity as a whole.
Finally, it will be of immeasurable wither laying formulation for any body that does not have any knowledge of computers in any organization to have a better understanding and conceptualization of its intricacies
1.6              DEFINITION OF TERMS
COMPUTER: A computer is a device usually electronic that process data according to set of instructions. It is data manipulate device or system that will accept and store inputs, data processes them and produce outputs under the influence of a stored program of a stored program of instructions.
ORGANIZATION: An organization is a framework within which people act. It is a process of dividing works into covariant tasks or duties or grouping such duties in the form of post of delegating authority to each post and of appointing qualified staff to be responsible so that the work is carried out as planned.
MANAGEMENT: Management is defined as the employment and application or utilization of human and material resource effectively and efficiently achieve organizational goal.
PRODUCTIVITY: productivity is the rate of efficiency of work done; it is also concerned with the ability of inputs to produce to outputs. It is a relationship between actual performance and stand and performance.


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