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A lot has already been written this subject “an assessment of the management system of Enugu State Water Corporation” but most of the analysis centres on the problems of Enugu State Water Corporation and how to curb them.  Few of them have taken to find the factors that hinders the effectiveness of the corporation.
This seems to be a mockery of the government’s good intentions of establishing it to raise the standard of living of the citizenry.  From the work of earlier researchers’ seminars and talks delivered by eminent scholars, it is now evident that the corporation is not living up to expectations and standard because of some defects and problems.
This research work will not only examine some of these problems but will also consider the factors that hinders the effective operation of this corporation after which solutions and possible ways of curbing them will be highlighted.  This work will also carry the great challenge of bringing the force one management system of the Enugu State Water Corporation right from the cradle.  This study will show the effectiveness of the management system of the corporation and to suggest one management principles that when applied will help the corporation work efficiently and achieve its goals and objectives.
I believe my criticism will stimulate new contributions from other scholars, researchers and students for a positive result on the management of Enugu State Water Corporation.
            This research work is based mainly on the assessment of the management system of the Enugu Water Corporation.  The purpose of this work being to highlight solutions that will curb the problems that arise from the corporation as a result of the management system of the corporation.
            Most of the data used in this work were collected by the use of questionnaire which were distributed to the sample staff of the corporation.  I made use of both primary and secondary data collections and from responses and observation, it was gathered that workers in the corporation were not being motivated that their level of integration were not satisfactory and government undue interference in the management of the corporation is not conducive and satisfactory.
Based on the findings, it is recommended that if the corporation will adopt a good management system and be able to keep proper record of its account at the same time motivating their employees as expected its problems and setbacks have to be curbed.  Considering the government undue interference in the corporation, it is suggested that since Enugu state Water Corporation Board is owned, managed and controlled by the government, it should dance to the whims of the government as the government is to provide a conducive environment and atmosphere for it.  The corporation is not profit oriented.
1.2              STATEMENT OF PROBLEM ASSOCIATE WITH THE SUBJECT MATTER                          
1.3              PROBLEM(S) THAT THE STUDY WILL BE CONCERNED WITH                                                                             
LITERATURE REVIEW                             
2.1              THE ORIGIN OF THE SUBJECT AREA                          
2.3              THE SCHOOL OF THOUGHT RELEVANT TO THE PROBLEM OF STUDY                                                 
2.5              SUMMARY                                                              
3.2              ANALYSIS OF THE DATA                       
3.3              RECOMMENDATION                                
3.4              CONCLUSION                                                        
In a developing country like Nigeria, the public sector necessarily bears much or the higher percentage of the burden of development respective of our ideological stand. The constitute mainly government agents in development process because they render services directly to the people.  Their success if therefore of a vital importance to development, yet the picture presented under both civilian and military regimes over the failure of these government owned company’s and parastatals most of the times till remains government undue interference in the day to day activities and operations of the companies and inadequate funding, unfavourable environment and condition of work and services, politicization of the enterprise and poor managerial capability.  None of the above mentioned problems can be said to be more glaring because any one of them is capable of hindering the activities and operations of the company to any greater length.
The developing nations are known for low technological advancement and progress and extremely how labour productivity.  Nigeria is not left out of this as a developing country as her scene portrays a vivid situation of this even with all her abundant natural resources.  The Nigerian economy is so bad that most organizations do not operate and work smoothly and efficiently as supposed.
A glance at the performance record of any public corporation will be very convincing.  The Nigerian Airways, Nigerian Railway Corporation and Nigerian Coal Corporation are also not left out of this.  Their failure to operate efficiently necessitated the sub-contracting of the management of the corporations to expatriates.   The inability of the Nigerian Postal Authority and the National Electric Power Authority with those three vital corporations mentioned above, to render adequate services to the people has been the concern of many Nigerians.
A lot of management problems have been observed to be attitude based and therefore when one enterprise goes wrong, one should suspect that some management principles have either been abused or neglected or violated.
Poor managerial capability characterized almost all our economic sectors especially in the area of public sector, to that extent, a realistic approach to the development of this sectors (public sectors) call for qualified high level manpower especially at the management levels.
It is against this that I tend to find out the problems of Enugu State Water Corporation with a view to proffering lasting solutions to not only the corporation but also other public corporation insufficiencies occasioned by poor management.
For a proper understanding of this work, it is a sine qua non to start from the grassroot considering the establishment of Enugu State Water Corporation.  The water supply administration in Enugu State was limitedly the responsibility of the public works department (P.W.D.) from inception in 1924, in 1973 the then East Central State Water Board was created forming the nucleus work force.  This was succeeded by the Anambra State Water Board established in 1976 which was in turn superceded by Anambra State Water Corporation in 1978.  Under the Anambra State of Nigeria edict No 16 of 1978, the Anambra State Water Corporation one its statutory existence.  It has five directors and some zones situated at Onitsha, Aguata, Awka, Udi, Abakaliki, Nsukka, Nnewi, Ihiala and Enugu as the headquarters.
Enugu State Water Corporation came into being after the division of the old Anambra State into two.  It was after Enugu state carved out of the old Anambra State was carved out of the old Anambra State in August 27th 1991 that Enugu State Water Corporation came into being.  This Corporation had its first General Manager in the person of I.G Oyoke.  Today, the functional zones of the corporation have been expanded and extended to the following places via; Enugu, Nsukka, Nineth Mile Corner and Udi excluding Abakaliki in Ebonyi State and others in the old Anambra State with the headquarters located at no 3 constitution road Government Reserved Area (G.R.A.) Enugu.  Its main duly is the production and distribution of good quality drinkable water to the public and is been subverted by the state government.  It has the staff above 1,300 with the following department via: the Board at the Apex, the General manger, Public Relation Office (P.R.O.) and the Internal Audit Department.  On the same strata is the commercial department, finance and supplies department, engineering department and administrative department.  Under the Engineering department is the construction operation and maintaining Mechanical – Electrical Group (M.E.C.) Planning research and statistics and planning design.
Currently the Enugu Water Corporation as a public sector has about two projects to undertake and execute.  The two projects are the rural water supply project and the National water rehabilitation project.
1.2              STATEMENT OF PROBLEM
There are some factors hindering the smooth and efficient running or working of the Enugu State Water Corporation.  These facts are varied and are traceable to productive personnel, management and external interference.  The Enugu State Water Corporation being a public company established with public fund and whose services are invaluable with no alternative is constantly under public eyes as a result of increasing evidence of mismanagement and poor managerial staff relationship.
The Enugu State Water Corporation is also faced with multifarious management problems which may be termed mismanagement.  Owing to lack of proper planning, organization, directing and controlling of the corporation, others re management and/or control of the corporation in the hands of inexperienced personnel, government interference unduly, political interference, span of control, finance, lack of proper accountability, lack of motivation and integrity factors, ill application of management principles and leadership.
I therefore aim at ascertaining one managerial problems of the corporation hence the statement of the problem facing the corporation with the view of determining its effect on their performance, activities as well as operation.
1.3              OBJECTIVE OF THE STUDY
Based on the problems associated with the subject as enumerated above which the study will be concerned with, the important of this study is very imperative and will have to be emphasized.
The objectives of the study therefore includes:
1.                  To find out the proper system of management which includes planning, organizing, controlling and motivations that will be used by the Enugu State Water Corporation so as to avoid further management problems.
2.                  To find out the means of giving incentive and motivating the staff so that they can improve their productivity and the staff relationship.
3.                  To ascertain ways of giving proper accountability about the corporation to enhance the normal function Enugu State Water Corporation and reduce poor accountability.
4.                  Another objective of this study is to find out the good leadership that will be suitable for the management of corporation.
5.                  It is also the objective of this study to proffer solution to all problems of the Enugu State Water Corporation known to me as well as preventive measure to avoid or prevent future problems.  This will help boost the supply of good quality drinkable water in Enugu state.
1a.       NULL HYPOTHESIS (HO) The management system of Enugu State Water Corporation is conducive for effective performance.
b.         ALTERNTIVE HYPOTHESIS (Hi) The employees of the Enugu State Water Corporation is not conducive for effective performance.
2A.      NULL HYPOTHESIS (HO) The employees are satisfied with the level of integration that exist among the different departments of the corporation.
b.         ALTERNATIVE HYPOTHESIS (Hi) The Employees are not satisfied with the level of integration what exist among the different department of the corporation.
The statutory objective behind the establishment of public utility companies by government with the tax payers money was to provide services to the public and with a view to raising their standard of living.  In view of this, therefore the role of the State Water Corporation (ESWC) towards rendering these essential and important services to the people of the state could not be over emphasized.  This goal intention of the government had been met due to problems associated with management of the outfit.
However, through this study a stop would be put to this seemingly chronic problem which have tended to waste public funds thereby relegating government intention to the background.  This study would benefit the populace of Enugu state who make use of the service rendered by the corporation and will have overall good effect on the country’s GNP while others who have one thing or the other to do with the corporation will benefit also.
1.6              DEFINITION OF KEY TERMS
The following terms are defined as they apply in this research.
a.         SYSTEM:  This can be defined as a set of interdependent, interacting elements, a group of units so combined as to form an organization whole whose output is greater than.  The output of the constitute units (Unamka 1997).
b.         SUB-SYSTEM;  This is the individual units that make up a system.  Each sub-system has its own district activity with its focus of operation but having the total enterprise goal in view, these sub-systems one diversified and interdependent which show that “everything is related to everything else” (Unamka 1997).
c.         MANAGEMENT; This can be described as the act of working, particularly through people for the achievement of the broad goals of an organization.


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