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            This study is a research of the Enugu State civil service commission the purpose of the study includes:
1                    to find out whether civil servants actually preferring below standard.
2                    To find out whether productivity is rely declining in the civil service.
3                    To find out what the cause are in the civil service.
4                    To find out the measures to be taken in order to arrest the situation.
While carrying out the research, the data collection method adopted was the questionnaires, the statistical tool used was chi - square. A total of one hundred questionnaires were distributed out of which twenty was returned. The finding from the hypothesis and research questions show that
1                    Adequate knowledge of job requirement recruitment of motivation and the use of official working hours in the civil service.
2                    The importance of incentives and motivation to increasing efficiency in the civil service.
In the end, the research made recommendations, some of then include
1                    Management should improve the working conditions for the staff so that the organization will be achieved and without good working condition the staff will not be comfortable to work thereby reducing the effectiveness of their work.
2                    They should try and have a communication link between them because them because communication is one of the tool that leads to effective management and employs skilled people murder to have an efficient output and to achieve their objectives.
3                    Management should also motivate their worker by praying them their salaries when due.
1.1              Background of the study                                                        
1.2              Statement of the problem                                           
1.3              Purpose of the study                                                   
1.4              Scope of the study                                                                  
1.5              Research hypothesis                                        
1.6              Significance of the study                                                        
REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE                       
2.1              Meaning of productivity                                             
2.2              Productivity declare in the civil service                      
2.3              Cause of productivity declare in the civil service       
2.4              Conditions for promoting productivity in the civil service.
3.1              Research Design                                                                                 
3.2              Area of the study                                                        
3.3              Population of the study                                  
3.4              Sample and sampling procedure         
3.5              Instrument for Data  collection                                   
3.6              Validation for  the instrument                                    
3.7              Reliability of the instrument                                       
3.8              Method of data  Collection                            
3.9              Method of data  Analysis                                           
4.1              Presentation and Analysis of Data.                
4.2              Testing of Hypothesis                                                 
4.3                 Summary of result                            
AND CONCLUSIONS                                                        
5.1              Discussion of Results/ findings                                  
5.2              Conclusions                                                                 
5.3              Implications of the research findings                          
5.4              Recommendation                                                        
5.5              Suggestions for further research                                             
5.6              Limitations of the study.                                                        
1.1              BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY
There historical background the civil service dates back to end of colonial masters and post independence period.
            After the Second World War there were about 14 British Administration in the secretarial, 70 Nigerian support staff and one European stenographer.
The headquarter of most technical department which was in Ebutemetta. The headquarter of the  nines was in does, that of  the veterinary service was in vow while that of agriculture and  forestry  was in    Ibadan field administration was co-ordinated from  two centre, kaduna for  north and  Lagos  later Enugu  of the South.
            In 1939, southern Nigeria was split into two regions estern and western region respectively. The Rechard constitution in 194 further divided the country into three regions namely, the Northern western and Eastern regions. The McPherson constitution of 1951, introduced the appointment of  ministers for the regions and at  the  centre. At this of the civil service. There were also the struggle of independence of the civil service between the politician in office and the authorities of the central government. During the Lord Lugard era, the duties of all administrative officer  were  just  that of maintaining law and order in the distrait, placed under, their immediate  administrative control. It  was only at the end of wood war 11 that efforts were made to achieve some social and economics benefit for  Nigerians. It was at the that time that such offices  like the department of marketing and export were established. The  repid  Nigerianisation of civil  service  and  the executive council  brought about  new conceptions of the role of the  civil  service. For  example,  in the western Nigeria, civil  servants were  told that policy making was the exclusive function of the  legislature.  So, the  civil servants were to do whatever the legislative  wanted  them to do. In  the eastern  state civil servants were to give  sound  advice  to the politic leaders,  control  the traditional  aspects of  government activity  and  were  also to be efficient executives who  could manage and threat all the complex  operations of the modern state.
            In the Northern Nigeria,  the  duties  of administrator office included to  assist to giver himself,  to  train people  to build  up an efficient institution of  local government and  finally  to facilitate the emergence  of an intelligent  and responsible public opinion. The system of administration that  emerged on independence was British in  character. It was  also English language that was used  as,   a medium of communication in the conduct. Of government. businesses   the  country  fought civil war  six year  after independence  and  this was quickly  followed by  another six years  of oil boom,  which brought  about extreme  materialism. This  give rises  to great  indiscipline, corruption and a total contemplator order, honor and excellence  within the whole        society including the civil service. Having  discussed the  historised Background of the civil  service and  its roles before and after independence it is necessary  at this  stage to  define the “productivity”  which is  the  main object of this research.
            Productivity  has been  defined as  the  volume of goods  and services produced  per  worker within  some specified  unit of the year, month, week, day and hour. For some years now, there have been consistent public outcry about continued decline of productivity in the civil service. It  is for this reason that  this work is being  carried  out in the view to finding the  causes of low  productivity,  how to eliminate  these  causes  and thereby brain about recommendation  that  will  promote productivity in the civil  service in  general,  to  achieve a  successful  result in the programme, this  researcher  has  decided to carry out a  case study of  Enugu state  civil service  commission.
There has been consistent law productivity in the civil service since Nigeria become independent. This study sets out to asses the knowledge of job motivation and use. Of official worker hours in the civil service in order to promote productivity.
            The purpose of the present study are to a large extent explained by  the title: promoting productivity in the civil service. To be more specific the purpose all as follows:
1                    What are  the  things that makes civil servants to  perform below  standards ?
2                    What are the main cause  of productivity  decline in the civil  service?
What are the measures to be taken in order to arrest the situation?
For one to carry out a research of this nature, one would always require adequate provision of finance and accurate information. The inadequacy of these factors affected this research in the following way finance:
it has been  a  major in any  type of project. This is  true in the sense that some  has to make some trips form one place to another in search of research of information. Unfortunately the  cost of transportation has risen greatly  these days making it difficult for  the research  to  travel to all the places he would have wanted.
Attitudes Of Respondent:
            At the  time questionnaire were distributed to  some member of staff of Enugu State civil commission.  Some felt reluctant to receive them of  the pretence that they were too busy with office work. Some workers even complained that  because they were civil  servants, they could not answer every question.
1.5              RESEARCH QUESTION.
There research question  of the present study  are to a  large extent explained by the title: promoting productivity in the civil service to be more specific the questions are as follows:
1                 what are the things that makes civil servants  to perform below standards?
2                 What are the main  cause of productivity decline in the civil servant?
3                 What are the  measures to be  taken in order to arrest the situation.
1.6              RESEARCH HYPOTHESIS
In seeking  for ways of promoting productivity in the civil service. It is  essential that one would have a thorough understanding of the causes of  low productivity I the civil service it is when this  understanding is there that  suggestion can be  made to solve the problem.
The following  research  hypothesis are being considered.
Ho:      Adequate knowledge of job requirement does not promote efficiency and  effectiveness in the civil service.
Hi:       Adequate knowledge of job  requirement promote  efficiency  effectiveness in the civil service.
Ho:      Recruitment of qualified personnel does  not ensure high performance.
Hi:       Recruitment of qualified  personnel helps to ensure high performance  
Hoi      incentives and motivation  promote high  productivity
Ho:      use of official working  hours  does not promotes productivity in the cikvil service.
Hi:       use of official working hours promotes productivity in the civil  service.
For sometime now, there has  been great public  concern over the declaiming. Productivity in the civil service some people complain that standard of education at the  decline  executive in the government  department are  accused  of  performed  below  expectation.
The National  Electric power  Authority (N.E.P.A  which  is the public  for  failing to  meet up with its functions  the ministry of Health is not left out in the issue of performing  below  standard. Hospitals have been accused of  shortage of drugs, which  can only be  found in private  clinics. The ministry of works  is not left out either in this  episode.
This research, therefore, aims  at looking into these public complaints to find  fact about  them, with the  view to finding out their causes and how they could be checked so as to improve or promote the general productivity  of the  civil service.  When this is achieved the civil service will be a good productivity center  which will in  turn leads to on  improved welfare of the  people. It will also help government in policy formulation to fight those factors that bring about low productivity  


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