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This study is designed to enumerate the problems confronting student in higher institution pitching institute of management and technology (I.M.T) Enugu as a case of study and suggested ways to solve them.
Academic implication very in various institutions as problem varies amongst student it could be social, psychological, philological or nature. These problem need identification of cause and finding of suitable solutions to them according. This is in turn will obviously increase the student ability to give read answers to similar problems. Most student in higher institutions choose to be indifferent to academic demand while some institution and some student it confronted with problem lends to grapple with it in a view of surviving from the stress it has cause them. Some other students that have been bruised once or twice by problem(s) they learn from reach problem they have solved.
 It is also understood that some vis-à-vis with student in higher institutions used to be innate, they emanate from the victims to the burden. In addition it could be due to their idiosyncrasy, while some other burdens are introduced to student by the school lecturers and fellow students.
 In this types of situation, the status is bound to get trusted. It is expressed in this work that student suffer a great deal of problems that could arise from dissolution, housing, social environment the institution is situated. I will look into the possible cause and effects of these problems facing student of I.M.T and suggest medication to the problem.
                        CHAPTER ONE
1.0         Introduction
1.1       General Background to the Subject Matter
1.2         Problem Associated with the Subject Matter
1.3         Problem(s) that the Study will be concerned with
1.4         The Important of Studying the Area
1.5         Definition of Important Term
1.6         References
2.0       Literature Review
2.1         The origin of subject Area
2.2         School of thought within the subject area
2.3         The School of thought relevant to the Problem study
2.4         Different method of studying the Problem
2.5         Summary
2.6         References
3.0       Conclusion
3.1         Data Presentation [Highlights of the study
3.2         Analysis of the Data
3.3         Recommendation
3.4         Conclusion
3.5         References
 1.0         INTRODUCTION
 Just like I saying that in the country of the blind one eyed man is a king over there, so was the time when formal education was not so much importance to an average African Holders of standard six as higher of elementary where very highly respected. Holder of the general certificate of education [them called Cambridge certificate) could even become managers in companies. But in a renowned country like Nigeria. It is understood that both the Government and school have role to play in the serio – comic problem facing student in the higher institutions. There are two arms sometimes they both disagree and decide to carryout a repeating action. This type of problem is only felly by those students who knows what damage it will do to them and not those of apally. In a covert method to black mail lecturers has give student the advantage to side-step the pattern of passing through a higher institution whatever mental image we hold to ourselves is the key to our personality and behaviour. There are groups of turbulent student in our institution perpetuating immoralities in our campus.
We usually read about HIV/Aids, in newspapers magazines and posters captioned. “Bewared of the HIV /Aids disease the killers in our campus avoid it for good health. It is the fact that we all want to be educated and get a degree, but our schools admit numbers of students they are not willing to take care of them which result to malfunctioning, student admitted start experience some problem like accommodation, transportation living condition, social, inadequate facilities. Higher institutions are the major supplier of the manpower required for the development of any Nation. They are place where knowledge and skills are acquired, needed for working efficiently and effectively in most firms and offices. It is rather unfortunate that some condition tend to militate against them. In a situation where a problem entangle student, it is possible that all their academic work will be involved in it.
Problem is the part of life, an individual face a problem, an organization also faces problems, and the society as a whole facing a lot of problems. The Oxford Advanced Learners dictionary defined problem as a difficult question to be solved or decided. Problem at one time quells human knowledge and at the other time probes human comfort and ability to survive. In student world especially those in I.M.T are faced with different stage of problem compared to those that are out of the campus. To most of them, they view problem as unnatural predicament encroaching upon their academic pursuit. Naturally, human beings are meant to experience some problems at one time or the other coupled with variable solutions, but for a student who is been admitted into institute of management and technology pre-occupied with prospect that every other student would be looking forward to can be infected with a number of perplexity. For instance, when a student is admitted into this institution (that is the first half of being admitted, either by sending you an admission letter or so), he or she will not just walk into the institution like that. He must do some tradition, he will first of all accept the admission and get registered as an orthodoxy member of the institution which will not be too easy as he/she would expect it to be though this is not really a problem but it will be a little bit stressful for a student who is just coming into the campus for a motive.
I remember when I was coming to the campus; I thought it was going to be like paradise. But after I had come in and there was no going back for me, it became a pipe dream that I had left my home to a better place. The government builds the higher institution where we study, and some learned people employed to be in charge of the management and control of the school. Student are also employed (admitted) into the institution to come and strive for their future and probably the future of the nation. As the management of the school and the government that planted this institution (I.M.T) refused to do their rightful duties, the school becomes a half-baked cake to these people that feel. In I.M.T we understand that the school causes a lot of explicable problem to students in the higher institution, either because they are indifferent to students academic welfare or because they don’t know their duties and they don’t perform their duties. For this reason we have to look into the problem that associated with subject matter and the subsequent effects.
This study is solely concerned with problem facing the student of institute of management and technology. The study is not only on the type of problem the student of I.M.T is facing but what damage it will do to them in future reguarding the effect it inflicts in them. When student has been admitted into higher institution like I.M.T his main objective is to be attending classes as usual knowing what he/she is here for and later graduate with a defendable certificate. But when unexpected problem start to in true into him/her academic affairs it give him/her much concern to choose amongst other probable cause of the problem and suitable remedies to them. As earlier started, problem student life may arise from dissolution, lack of financial meet-ups academic indifference and possible mal-management of he institution. This project is therefore aimed at pointing out possible problem enclosing student in institute of management and technology and the suggested solution to them. It could be made handy or planned for subsequent uses.
The problem attached to education is not only confined to Higher Institution, it also extends to other levels of learning but in this work I bringing institute of management and technology into focus and cook into possible ways to solve those problems that celebrates in the particular institution traditionally, education is learning and teaching practices carried out between teachers and student in every institution of higher learning, but this is becoming less true compared to the system practiced by the pioneers. These days there has been obvious evolution in the system of many institutions done to the detriment of our student. But in I.M.T it’s a bit out ward. At one time there are student that could afford to pay their tuition fees and attend the usual lectures only to prove at the end of their academic session how hardworking they have been with their studies.
But now the expensive of education has escalated so high to pose a bit problem to the academic success of student tin the higher institution in question. If money is not readily available to meet up all expenses, the sustainability to study properly will be hindered, most study are bereft of what fugue they are supposed to gain because of these stipulated attitude. Back in the days when higher institution were know for what purpose the service to the general public, their was neither the existence of bribery and corruption not nor cultism in our campus. But today the most aggravating oppression firmly fixed in our higher institution cult activities multiply every day like nobody is aware of what is happening in the campus, and it has been as irresistible and persistent oppression to those student who haven’t got any role to play in any of these organization collectively known as cult and those who at one time or the other fall victim to this ruthless goings of arrogance. In relation to I.M.T, it is apparent that the institution has got not thing to do with anything concerning health, accommodation and the studying conditions the student admitted into higher institution. All these above mentioned activities are trivalent in most of our institution in Nigeria, but in the later look into the full picture of the most occurring problem in I.M.T and suggest suitable situation to them.
Certificate – A document testifying to a fact, qualification, or promise. A document issued to a person completing a course of study not leading to a diploma.
Education – The act or process of imparting knowledge or skill, systematic instruction; teaching.
Objective – having to do with a material object as distinguished from a menial concept, idea, or belief.
Experience – process of gaining knowledge or skill by doing and seeing things, knowledge or skill so gained.
Captioned – to command or direct. [Middle English captaine, captain, from old French Captain, from Late Latin captaincies, chief, from Latin caput head.
Academic – of, pertaining to, or characteristic of a school. Relating to studies that are liberal or classical rather than technical or vocational.
Success – the achievement of something desired, planned, or attempted. The gaining of fame or prosperity: success is attempted sweetest I by those who succeed.
Nation – a people, usually the inhabitants of a specific territory, who share common customs, origins, history, and frequently language or related languages. And aggregation of people organized (under a single government) a country.
Accommodation – the act or state of accommodating or being accommodated, adaptation; adjustment. Anything that meets a need convenience. Oppression – the act of oppressing, or the state of being oppressed. That which oppress or burdens.
Attitude – the height of a thing above a reference level, especially about sea level or above the earth’s surface. Also called “elevation”.
Evolution – evolving, process of opening our developing the of a plant from a seed. In politics England has [preferred (gradual development) to revolution (= Sudden or violent change).


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