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            Indigenous furniture companies is important not only for its contribution to aggregate output, but also because of its significant role in the provision of employment, the training of apprentice, the linkage of various sectors of the economy, the revenue generation to government and the development of entrepreneurial skills. It is in recognition of the above facts that many countries of the world are being compelled to pursue deliberate policies aimed at establishing and managing as well as investing in small-scale business especially furniture manufacturing companies.
            The study investigated the impact of indigenous furniture companies in Enugu. A special reference to Ambrozing furniture Nigeria limited.
            To carry out the study, data were collected from both primary and secondary sources. The main data collection instruments is the questionnaire, the technique of questionnaire administration is survey methods.
            The data were presented in tables as frequency distribution and analysed with percentage and frequencies.
            The chi-square test of the significance was applied in testing.
CHAPTER ONE: Introduction
1.1              Background of the Study
1.2              Statement of the problem
1.3              Purpose of the Study
1.4              Scope of the Study
1.5              Research Questions
1.6              Significance of the Study
1.7              Limitations of the study
1.8              Definition of terms
CHAPTER TWO: Review of Related Literature
2.1              Meaning of indigenous companies
2.2              Financing indigenous companies in Enugu
2.3              A review of furniture manufacturing companies
2.4              Impact of indigenous furniture company in Enugu
2.5              Problems of Ambrozing furniture company
2.6              Government effort in promoting investment on indigenous companies
CHAPTER THREE: Research Design and Methodology
3.1              Research Design
3.2              Area of the Study
3.3              Population of the study
3.4              Sample size and sampling procedure/technique
3.5              Instrument for data collection
3.6              Method of data collection
3.7              Method of data analysis
CHAPTER FOUR: Data Presentation and Analysis
4.1              Presentation and Analysis of data
4.2              Summary of results
CHAPTER FIVE: Discussions, Recommendation and Conclusion
5.1              Discussion of results/findings
5.2              Conclusions
5.3              Implication(s) of the research findings
5.4              Recommendations
5.5              Suggestions for further research
1.1              BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY
Advance and developing countries sees indigenous companies as the backbone of any country. Any country whose indigenous companies are neglected is baseless because indigenous companies are the hope of ordinary people. Due to how vital indigenous companies are in any economy, the indigenisation Decree was promulgated to give indigenous companies the impetus to participate more actively in the economic life of any country.
Indigenous companies especially furniture manufacturing companies has played great impact on this economy of this state. Its potential in economic development, the linkage of the various sectors of the economy, the development of entrepreneurial skill, the training of apprentice and provision of goods to which the state can import has been yardstick for assessing the contribution of indigenous firms.
According to Soleye (1988: p.15) states that “indigenous firms is seem as a credit for industrialization and a pre-requisite for rapid economic growth”. On this note government adopted deliberate policies aimed at encouraging the growth and development of indigenous small-scale industries such as the establishment of Nigerian bank for commerce and industry in October, 1973 to finance the process of indigenisation of the economy.
The Ambrozing indigenous furniture Nigeria Limited Enugu is a reputable furniture making establishment which started as a sole proprietorship an later transformed as a limited liability company in 1979 after incorporation.
The Ambrozing furniture company provides such services as setting room equipment, executive beds and chairs, kitchen units and upholstery. The company has contributed positively in the improvement of Enugu economy. For instance in the area of job provision, job training apprentice scheme, participation in workshop and participation in trade fair exhibition.
 1.2              STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM
Indigenous companies are seen as the major backbone of any economy through the provision of service which the multinational companies cannot satisfy to the people. Inspite of this, indigenous companies has suffered a lot of set back ranging from poor attitude of people towards indigenous products, insufficient capital etc.
The task to make indigenous companies what it should be requires educating the people on the need to help the government to realize her dreams towards indigenous companies.
The problem of this research work is to understand the impact of Ambrozing furniture Nigeria Limited Enugu in Enugu’ economy and how adequate it is in Enugu.
1.3              PURPOSE OF THE STUDY
The present state of Enugu economy calls for the development and enhancement of companies especially indigenous furniture companies, since they are the spring-board for industrialization. This study intends to find out!
(a)                The economic impact of indigenous furniture companies in the state.
(b)               To identify the various factors for investing in the small-scale indigenous companies in particular manufacturing companies.
(c)                General problems of indigenous furniture companies in the economy.
1.4              SCOPE OF THE STUDY
The scope of this study covers the impact of indigenous furniture companies of Enugu economy in Ambrozing furniture Nigeria Limited Enugu.
1.5              RESEARCH QUESTIONS
(i)                 Has Ambrozing furniture creates great impact on Enugu economy.
(ii)               Has it encouraged individual participation in local furniture manufacturing
(iii)             Has it increased the chances of small-scale entrepreneurs to invest an indigenous furniture companies.
(iv)             Has it encourage the expansion of indigenous furniture companies in Enugu.
There has been a very high increase in graduate unemployment in this state and every year batches of new graduates are pushed into the labour marked to swell up the unemployment level.
However, the establishment of indigenous companies will enable unemployment situation among the graduates and others to reduce. By providing opportunities for more graduates and individual’s to be employed as against what will happen in future.
1.7              DEFINITION OF TERMS
The following terms in this study the terms used is taken to mean the following:
INDIGENOUS COMPANIES: These are companies entirely owned by Nigerians.
FURNITURE: All these things such as chairs, tables, beds, desks etc needed in the house, office, hotels etc, especially those that can be moved.
UPHOLSTERY: This is the process of covering a wood with a textile materials such as foam, cloth etc.
MORTEST: This is the process of making a hole on a wood by a cabinet man.
TENOUR: Tenour is defined as making a shape that will enter the hole made in the wood thereby producing a joint.


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