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            These study in the role of computer in promoting efficiency in Nigeria commercial Bank with practical interest was carryout the following objective:
(1)       To find out it the computer has any effect in promoting efficiency in the Nigeria commercial Bank PLC Enugu.
(2)          To ascertain if computer has any significant influence on the time spent by customers in their banking transactions.
In order achieve above objective questionnaire were prepared and administered top population comprising staff and customers PLC within Enugu in addition extensive literature review was carried out.
Questionnaires collected were analyzed and using frequencies and percentages white the hypotheses should t he following.  
(1)          That the five use of computer has significantly improved banking transactions in the first Bank PLC should continue to advance in the use of computer as its benefit to bank cannot be over – emphasize in terms of profitability reliability and efficiency it is researcher option that computerization of bank services will be a must in banking industry for improve performance and profitability.
1.0         Introduction
1.2         General background to the subject matter ;  
1.3         Problems Associated wit the subject matter
1.4         Problem (s) that the will be concerned with;
1.5         The importance of studying areas ;
1.6         Definition of important terms;
1.7          References  
2.1       The Origin of the subject Area,
2.2         Schools of though within the subject area
2.3         The schools of thought  relevant to the problem of study;
2.4         Different methods  of studying the problem;
2.5         Summary;
3.0       CONCUSION
3.1         Data presentation Highlights of the study
3.2         Analysis of the data
3.3         Recommendation
3.4         Conclusion
3.5         References.
The general observation in the past regarding data collection and processing has been done martially, but as the business Advances as there are toady emergency of computerized data collection storage analysis and application has been come necessary.  
            This development in business growth and expansion required good and efficient commutation facilities. Consequently, Nigeria as a rapid developing nation with rapid growth in her economic social and political spheres cannot afford the risk of poor documentation as result of ineffectiveness in data collection and storage. Hence, the need for computerized system in her activities due to the increase volume of business, which involves a lot of record keeping and information.
Besides, it helps to avoid time wasted exercise each time that such information has to be retracted for analysis. This has led to the development of the country especially in the business sector including banking where such services system in the banks especially the first bank PLC Enugu but has tremendously helped in our data collection analysis and storage.
            According to Ojide (2001) first bank was established in 1894 shipping magnate four liver pool, sir, Alfred Jones with a network of 315 branches spread with a network of 315 branches spread through out y he federation and  one city of London, the  bank maintains the largest branch network in the industry. Thus the need for the computerization of its services.
            The accruable records at their office shows that the bank as a first bank ability to made impressive progress leading to a substantial profit after tax. The encouraged its customers and prospective ones as the computerized system helped on lot. The first bank PLC Enugu with the computerized system tends to have a great need for data collection, storage and analysis as audience in its banking operation. The need for all these from the fact there is need for accurate information which is dependent on the quality of the information
            However, it  is important to point out good qualit4y information could lead to good decisions in the bank especially with the nature of first bank and enable the bank to achieve organization care..
            Generally according to Adenumi note (1988) there is need for quick and accurate decisions to be taken among various banks especially in  new generation banks. This is important in  areas like monitory the well as other vital activities concern. The banking operation banks must react quickly to changes in interest rests and other volatile variable in operation. In the past, a large but manageable amount of book keeping in banks was handed manually, but due to the expansion in banking industry to huge labour forced will be needed to take today’s massive volume of book keeping. It is not surprising that most banks have resorted to t he application of computer in some of their activities specialty first bank PLC with. Sophisticated computers designed to meet their needs as well as their customers.
            This obviously has been one of the  ways of solving the problem of increased volume of activities as well as accurate and adequate information. Be that as it, Nigeria is not left out in the quest for computer usage due to the speed with which it work is being doe in a couple of minutes and the need for such urgency cannot be relegated to the book ground by the first bank PLC Enugu.
            As a result of this development high productivity is achieved and conversely professional like accounting officers and other members of staff are threatened to be replaced by this electronics machines.                       
With the sudden increase activities as a result of the Oil boom in Nigeria customers could on larger paint and lastly while trying to transact business with the banks. The pressure on banks to access information becomes inevitable. The manual operations of banking were the change into a more complex ones which emphasized t he availability of information at the shortest possible time. This means that the use of manual operations is inefficient and in some cases lead to loss in banking services.
A customer could sometime study in bank for almost the while day just to cash or deposit a thousand naira (1000.00) because it take them a whole month or   more to obtain a documentary bill of  exchange.  
            Furthermore, the increase in business activities is not favoured with the use of manual operations and could not quadrate time there has been a manual process to thing that will make baking services easy and time consuming and computer seems to be favourable means  of rendering services to bank customers.
Most conservation managers see the use of computer in banks as a threat to their job or an instrument of employment creation. With computerization first bank PLC Enugu has reduced the problem associated with various services of the bank. Some of these services are in areas of demand, savings and fixed deposit account, rendered here have been facilities in the first bank PLC Enugu, because o f computer services. .                       
            Similarly, others like loans, overdrafts, foreign exchange transition, letters of credit, bill for collection and other Sunday services of the bank are facilitated by the use of most computers. Thus, they have been able to meet up with the realest of their numerous customers through out their branches with delay despite the important of computers in benefit industry. The problems confronting its operation are:
1.            Lack of steady and Regular power sully
2.            Inadequate supply of computer programmers and scientist to handle the operation of the operation of these computers.
3.            Lack of total commitment on the part of data processing consultants.
4.            Attitudinal problem
Solution to the problems and many more are the central task of this research works.
The objectives of the study were as follows.
            The find but of the computer has any effect in promoting efficiency in the Nigerian commercial bank especially first bank PLC Enugu.
            To ascertain if computer has any significant influence on the time spent by customers in there banking transactions. To find out if improves computerized system of first bank PLC Enugu, has succeeded ion attracting customers to the bank V.S.A vis other bank.    
            If computer ahs any significant influence on fraud lactation to know if computerized banking has any effect in the preparation of statement of account of customers.
To recurrence solution on how to improve banking operation s through computer.  
Odo (1992) states that the significant of a study simply mans how the different users and renders of the protect will view the study.
In the light the above therefore this study will be great benefit to the operations of my from of financial business most important banks as the study will council some of the most important use of computers to enhance the performance of their operations.  
Again the study gives an insight into the problems and prospects of using computers in banking operations. Improvement in banking operation as a result of the of  computers will not only helped satisfy customers effectively and efficiently but also will help  the banks make greater profit. It is perennial restate that apart from the first bank PLC Enugu,  which will appreciate thee researches, various organization like the governmental agencies accounting firms, computer users etc. will equally find this work beneficial to both the researcher and the riders, as the study will provide an in – depth knowledge and understanding ion the area which could strip further study.           
1.5         SCOPE OF THE STUDY
Basically, the work which involves the computer ion banking industries will take an in – depth look on how computer is being applied by banking operations.
Again the study will limited to first bank operation within Enugu state the work choose is a representative of the banks. Besides, attempt to study all the banks may be too vast and both time and money consuming.


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