The topic quality check management in a company with particular reference to Emeinte Company Limited was purposefully designed to x-rayed the operational strategies and effects of quality check management system of the Emenite Manufacturing Company Limited.The study become imperative due to increase in low quality output of many organizations, poor utilization of inputs (resources) inappropriate allocation of input and cost, and increased competition among products within the local and international markets.The methodology used for the research was the operational research method.  This method was used because of involved the application of the methods of science to complex problems arising in the direction and management of large systems of men, machines and materials and money in industry like Emenite Company Limited. The data for the study was collected from the quality control department of the Emenite Company Limited.
The data was collected thorough the primary sources like the use of questionnaires prepared by the researcher and secondary sources e.g. profiles of Emenite Company containing the products of the company and their qualities. The targeted population for the study was all the manufacturing and service organization within the country, while the sample population (size) was one hundred and twenty (120) workers randomly sampled from the quality check department of the Emenite Company.
Data collected was analysed with chi-square distribution (X2) and at the end of  the analysis, the following was findings: that
i.                    The operational strategies especially on the areas of (QCM) of Emenite are more effective and efficiency, hence, their high quality products.
ii.                  As a result of there the company was able to produce high quality product.
iii.                Also, due to there, their cost of their production was minimized, hence, effective and efficiency cost allocation.
iv.                Emenite Company also was able to use there to promote their sales, hence making more profits.
v.                  Also, their (QCM) influences the behavior of their consumer by satisfying their needs, hence increasing their demand for Emenite products.
Based on the findings, the researchers recommends as follows:-
i.                    Good (QCM) should be encouraged and adopted by every manufacturing company.
ii.                  More qualified personnel should be trained to handle the job of (QCM) e.t.c
1.0      Introduction
1.1                 Background of the study
1.2        Statement o0f the problem
1.3                Significance of the study
1.4        Purpose of the study
1.5              Research question
1.6          Scope and limitation of the study.
2.0       Review of related literature
2.1       General review
2.3                 An empirical investigation of the impact of the quality checks management on cost minimization on manufacturing firms
2.4       The influences of quality check management in a firm on consumer behavior
2.3                 The influence of quality check management on sales promotion in a firm
2.6       The role of quality checks on a firm breakers and profit maximization.
2.7       Summery of the review
3.1       Research design and methodology
3.2       Sources of data collection
3.3       Population and sample size.
3.4       Methods of investigation.
3,5       Scope and limitation of the study.
4.1       Presentation of data
4.2              Analysis of the data
4.3              Hypothesis testing
4.4              Interpretation of result
CHAPTER FIVE     -          
5.1       Summary o9f findings
5.2       Conclusions
5.3       Recommendations.
Questionnaires used
Increase competition and more discerning consumers has meant that all types of organization including Emenite Company Limited are striving for greater productivity, whilst maintaining or enhancing quality. This applies to both services and manufacturing organizations.
In manufacturing the greatest stimulus has been form Emenite Company Limited – Emenite have developed a total quality approach with the target of zero defects.  This has been accompanied by lean production methods which have dramatically increased productivity.  The key feature of high quality production is the use of quality check management system.
The aim of quality check management system is to produce items of high quality, exactly at the time they are required.  There is pursuit of an excellence at all stages with a climate continuous improvement.
The key elements of quality check management system includes a more toward zero inventory elimination of non-value added activities, an emphasis on perfect quality is zero defect, short set-up; a more toward a batch size of one; 100% on time deliveries; a constant drive for improvement and demand –pull manufacture.
The application of efficient production techniques such as quality check management system have enable some manufacturing companies throughout the world to become very successful in quality production.
The drive for quality productivity is also apparent in numerous services and manufacturing industries improved methods and the use of Information Technology have enabled industries to increase their quality production.
Many forward looking organizations in Nigeria including Emenite Company Limited are adopting a total quality management approach. For example, the establishment of quality control department in Emenite Company Limited, which are responsible for quality management operations.  The quality management operations are carried out by the workers of the quality control department.  The work of this department become imperatives in the company because of the need to maintain a set standard.
This study lays it background on Brent London Borough Council, which carried out a radical over-haul of their management practices for the purpose of improving the quality of their products.
The quality control management system in a company can be operational if there is:
a.         Adequate documentation to support the quality systems across the whole industry example, customer specifications, product routing, control and test procedure e.t.c.
b.         There must be a designate senior manager with the responsibility of ensuring high quality control measures.
Control measure.
c.         Record should be available to ensure that costumer quality requirement are being met.
d.         There must be written control of the quality systems to be applied by suppliers and procedures for inspecting and testing incoming goods.
e.         Quality systems must be planned and developed across all functions in the industry with adequate resources, equipment and training.
The study through this means will ensure high quality control production.
The low productivities level, low quality level, astronomical rate of inflation, low exchange rate, and poor input utilization are currently problem of concern to most manufacturing company in Nigeria today.  Based on this problem existing in the manufacturing and service industries, the managements are encouraging industries and organization to develop quality management system that shall promote the organization mean of reaching certain standards.
Before now, poor quality control measure in most industries has given rise to poor quality products, cost maximization, and poor profit making.  Therefore, the operation of industrial quality control measured in any industries shall eliminate all the problems identified above.
This study is a veritable instrument to industrial development.  Its importance in the industrial development cannot be over emphasized.  Its significance is encroached on the commitment of most industries to maintained and practices an acceptable improved customer’s quality and satisfaction.
Another significance of the study is to maintain quality improvement, which must be embedded in the organization or industrial culture from top to bottom.
The study also encourages constant improvement in products and processes.
The study provides adequate training and equipment and encouragement pride in their own work and the product.
Another significance is that it encourages co-operation and teamwork and develops trust throughout the organization.
It encourages self-improvement and education at every level, and finally the study helps to choose suppliers for quality and reliability rather than price.
The purpose of the study is to find out the effects of quality check management system of a company with particular reference to Emenite Company Limited Emene Enugu.
The researcher formulated the following research questions to guide her in carrying out the study.
1.                  How do the quality check department of the Emenite company limited carry out the operation of quality check management in the company?
2.                  To what extent do the quality check management of the Emenite Company Limited affect the quality production of the company?
3.                  To what extent do the quality check management affect the cost minimization of the company?
4.                  To what extent do the quality check management affect the sales promotion of the company?
5.                  To what extent do the quality check management affect the behaviour of consumer of Emenite Company products?
6.                  To what extent do the quality check management affect the profit maximation of the Emenite Company?
7.                  To what extent do the quality check management affect the consumers utility and satisfaction?
1.7       HYPOTHESIS
Ho:      There is no significance difference between the quality of products of Emenite Company Limited and products of  other companies due to their quality check management.
Ho:      There is significance difference between the products of Emenite Company Limited and products of other companies due to their quality check management.


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