This study was to explore the possible impact of supervisor on effective bank management with particular reference to Afribank Plc Enugu.  To guide this research the following four research questions were formulated as thus.  To what extent are human and non-human resources adequate for efficient inspection in Afribank Plc, Enugu? To what extent are central measures against bad debt in the Afribank being achieved? To what extent has the bank provision against computer fraud being achieved? To what extent are the workers assured of job security and satisfaction? A structured questionnaire developed by the researcher was administered to a total so male and female staff of Afribank Plc, Enugu.  They were selected using the entire population for reliability.  Hence the data collected and analysed using percentage mean and rank order.
Major finding include:
That male is in majority in Afribank Plc, Enugu
That greater majority of the staff is single.
That majority are HND/Degree holders.
That greater majority of the staff have serve for 6 to 10 years.
Those resources are not adequate except few resource items.
Those computer frauds have not been experienced in the Afribank Plc, Enugu.
Interferences and job/position insecurity of inspectors affect objectivity report and recommendation.
Bad debt occurred in Afribank sometimes.  Based on the findings major recommendation made include that
In- service training should be given to staff on regular basis to get abreast with demands of the time.
The use of delegation as a supervisory strategy to be in professional touch despite physical remoteness in all sectors of the bank.
Seminars, staff meeting, individual conference, demonstration service, provision of office bulletin and make people closer would make for supervising efficiency.
Promotion of good working relationship by cultivating desirable temperament.
Leadership functions such as coordinating, resourcing and serving should be taken serves as a core development in the bank.
Staff safety are welfare must be assured for continuity
1.0       Introduction                                                               
1.1       Background of the Study                                                      
1.2       Statement of the Study                                                          
1.3       Purpose of the Study                                                             
1.4       Scope of the Study                                                                
1.5       Significance of the Study                                                      
1.6       Research Questions                                                    
2.0       Literature Review
2.1              Concept and Purpose of Supervisions
2.2              Organization and Management of supervision in Banking Industry.
2.3              Developing effectiveness in supervisor
2.4              Summary of the relative literature Reviewed
3.0       Methodology
3.1              Design of the study
3.2              Area of the Study   
3.3              Population for the study
3.4              Sample and sampling techniques
3.5              Instrument for data collection
3.6              Validity of the instrument
3.7              Reliability of the instrument
3.8              Administrative of the instrument
3.9              Method of data analysis
4.0              Data presentation and Results
5.0              Summary of Findings Discussion and Recommendation
5.1              Summary of Findings
5.2              Discussion of Results
5.3              Conclusion
5.4              Recommendation
5.5              Suggestion for further studies
5.6              Limitation of the study
1.                  Sex
2.                  Marital status
3.                  Education level
4.                  Length of service
5.                  Resource Adequacy
6.                  Extent of Bad Debt
7.                  Extent rules are followed
8.                  Experience of Computer fraud
9.                  Extent computer fraud is checked
10.              Insecurity of supervisor affect the report
11.              Non-implementation of previous report
12.              Extent job security satisfaction
1.1              BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY
The (1969) banking Act defined banking as the granting of loans and acceptance of credits and the business of receiving monies from outside sources as deposit irrespective of the payment of interest or the assumption of guarantees and other warrantees for other or the effecting of transfers and clearing.  And such other transaction as the minister may on the recommendation of the Central Bank by order published in the Federal Gazette designate as banking business.
The banking system in Nigeria is made up of the central, commercial, merchant and development bank.  Banks such as people’s bank and community banks were recently established by decree of the then federal military Government Banking profession has been in existence for many decades now.  But unfortunately there were statutory definition of a bank until 1969.
Hart (1982) described bank as a person or company carrying on the business of receiving monies and collecting draft for customer subject to the obligation of honoring cheques drawn upon them from time to time by customers to the extent of the amount available on their current account.
The bank are closely monitored and regulated by the government through its agency the Central Bank of Nigeria.  This is to ensure that they render services to their customers in a manner consistent wit safe banking operations and government financial policy.  Owing to the need to effectively and efficiently manage depositors’ funds the task of managing is entrusted with honours, reputable and hard working personnel.
Amongst various function of bank management is decision making the rational selection from among alternatives of a course of action.  If is at the core of planning a plan cannot be said to exist unless a decision has been reached (Koontz, 1984). The management personal of the bank establish internal control procedure fore the effective discharge of the major functions in order to attain their corporate objectives.  In doing this special attention must be given to communication problem.  The structure of the bank organization should have a line and staff structure so that there will be flow level information from the top management, vice versa also the lower will advise to the top level of the need arises.  This will make people below the top management level to be aware of the bank policy and their own responsibility towards the bank with a free flow of information there will be a real basis for effective decision making.
There is a need to know whether action is going according to plan and policies.  It is in the light of the above factor factors that the management function of controlling becomes very desirable.  In view of the above issues, the bank management has established the internal control itself is an important organ for internal control system.  However, despite the establishment of this, there seem to be lapses here and there.
Based on the above factors, the research was motivated to examine the extent to which inspectorate unit of bank are contributing to the efficient management of the bank resources with particular reference to United Bank of Africa Plc station Road, Enugu.
Despite the creation of the internal control unit the bank, it is not on the adequacy of human and non-human and non-human resources for efficient operation of banking industry.  This is because managers still grant credits (loans) beyond their power limit without collateral security.
Secondary, there are case of debt resulting loan given to customers that has not been recovered.  Hence The CBN (1990) prudential guideline has not been obeyed and the effect is reported loses or minimal profit.  Thirdly there has been cases of frauds, deflation and outright removal of physical cash by employees and outsides this has this has created imbalanced book and records with obvious effect of huge loses.
            Another concern is the extent of frequent rationalization and retrenchment in the banking industry.  This creates job insecurity and workers may tend to indulge in any act for survival in time of eventualities.  All these problems motivated the researcher to study the effect of supervision as an aid to effective bank management.
The purpose of this study the following:
1.                  To examine the inspection techniques in Afribank Plc Road Enugu.
2.                  To find out the extent of computer fraud and associated evils in Afribank Plc Enugu with a view of solving them.
3.                  To ascertain the number of bad debt resulting from loan gives to customers that has not been recovered and provision made for prevention.
4.                  To find out the level of job security provision in the Afribank Plc, Enugu as it relates to proper accountability by the banking staff.
1.4             SCOPE OF THE STUDY
The scope of this work is limited to Afribank Okpara Avenue Enugu.
The result of this work may help create the awareness required for and efficient auditing of the bank a regular basis.
It is also anticipated that banks will take advantage of the suggestion from this work to embrace commitment and objective reporting for accurate record keeping.
It is also hoped that report from this work may help to create confidence to bank customer and facilitates cordial relationship among bank and customers.  The result of this work will help worker to strictly observe polices and procedures of the banking ethnics to strengthen the job security of staff for efficient growth and development restructure finally an application of the suggestion made will the bank more customer co-operation among staff, trust and confidence on the fellow workers and achieve the set of the banking industry.
To guide this study four research question were for mulated as follows:-
1.                  To what extent has the bank provision against computer fraud being checked
2.                  To what extent are the worker being assured of job security and satisfaction?
3.                  What are the control measure against the bad debt in the book being achieved?
4.                  To what extent are human and non-human resources adequate four efficient inspection in the bank?


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