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The role of a manager in a small business organization to stand firmly, the three major role of a manager such as inter-personal, informational role and co-ordination roles must be integrated to ensure the betterment of the organization. It acts as a habitants for the wheels of small business economic development and nation. Moreover, effective role of managers has co ntributed to the increase in the organization productivity’s and their income which will ensure the continuity of the organization. Besides, some managers have also contributed to the detriments of the organization by some dubious characters exhibited by them, for instance wrong use of funds, fraud and failure to carry out employees training scheme that will activate their working abilities. Intact, the government should recognize the importance of small business organization sector because when they are firmly established, the nation is built up, so it is advisable for the government to help in strategies in which this ugly situation of this are solved immediately.
1.0        Introduction                                                                
1.1.      Background of the study                                               
1.2.      Statement of the problem                                     
1.3.      Purpose of the study                                            
1.4.      Significance of the study                                               
1.5.      Scope of the study                                                      
1.6.      Research Questions                                                     
2.0    Review of Related Literature                                 
3.0        Research design and Methodology                          
3.1    Data Presentation                                                        
3.2    Summary of Findings                                           
3.3    Recommendations                                                       
3.4    Conclusions                                                        
1.1       Background of the Study
The study is set to investigate the role of small business organization with a case study of Top Rank Hotel Independence Layout, Enugu by investigation.
This industry was commissioned on 1st December 2004, and is has seven departments. They are food and beverage department, security department, marketing department, front office department, accounts department, housekeeping department and personnel department, they engage in serving guest, attending to guest or customers, keeping records, cleaning environments telling people about the industry and recruitment of workers.
Based on the study,   a manager is a person who holds a management position and who performs the process of management, one who occupies management position and performs organization function of management.
More so, the manager by the classification of management occupies administrative position (Top level) managing Director or general, then operative the workers. These groups are involved in the accomplishments of the organization e.g. meeting a target, assembling finance data etc.
The service supervisor, marketing manager and finance officer performs the work of administrative and management activities which are known as operative management. On order words, management as job or activity undertake decision making, the process of decision making is one of deciding the course of action and that of solving business problems. There are two types of personnel decision which a businessman makes as he seeks to maximize his own income value or pleasure.
 And managerial decision affects not only the welfare of their but other benefits accruing to the other persons connected with the organization.
Secondly, job co-ordination has to do with a manager’s responsibility or planning and monitoring a harmonious relationship between personal and physical factors in an organization.
The purpose of co-ordination is to link the company together as a unified whole, the planning, organizing and controlling reveal or explain the exact nature of a manager, the activities of planning, organizing and controlling are called functions of management.
The interrelationship between the flow-functions e.g. planning, organizing, monitoring and controlling the managers use these activities solely for the purpose of reaching organizational goal or objectives. For explanation, organizing is based on what thought out plans developed during the planning process while motivation system must be tailored to reflect both these plans and the organization design used to implement the plan.
So the role of manager in a small business organization I a pattern actions expected of the manager in activities involvement as a social system geared towards goal achievement of the organization, goal at a lower price profit cannot be the goal instead profit must be by product or service.
So the managers role is the corner stone of the organization because with his absolute co-ordination of the enterprise, there will be no work done.
Most importantly, the manager imposes some trends or problems in his job as managerial capabilities in handling records kept by the management then wrong uses its funds etc. the possible solution such as training of employees and managers are for the improvement of the small business organization.
The origin of the study enterprise
What is hotel?
Hotel means any building or number of buildings which are grouped together containing not less than ten rooms in which accommodation is provided for the public by a common management and enjoy common ancillary hotel service and activities.
According to Oxford advanced dictionary, defines a hotel as an establishment providing rooms and meals for travelers and tourists.
The Grade of Standard Hotels Shall Have All These
Location and Building:  The locality and environment including the approach shall be clean, well maintained and suitable for a good hotel, the durable and structurally safe.
The exterior and interior of the building and its furniture’s, bedroom shall be maintained at a high standard and kept in a hygienic condition. There shall be separate and independent entrance to the hotel and restaurant.
Capacity: There shall be at least thirty bed rooms.
Bedrooms: Each bedroom shall have separate access from a corridor, verandas or gallery and be separated from other bedrooms by walls. Each bedroom shall be properly ventilated with glass panes measuring at least one fourth of the floor space and provided with curtains of high quality. There must be provision of blankets, pillow and pillow cover and all locks shall operate on master key system.
All bedrooms shall have attached bathrooms, all bed room shall be provided with package or unit air conditioning expect in cold region where heating arrangements for the cold weather shall be provided. The floor shall be covered with carpet or ties.
There shall be a table lamp for every bed, the rules of establishment, instruction on how to behave in case of fire and all relevant local hotel information including room service and meal hours shall be kept in each bedroom. Each bedroom shall have resonate for storage of luggage containing coat an dress hangers, a luggage stand, a coffee table, two upholstered chairs, writing table with a dressing cum  whetting table with a large mirror, a waste paper basket and a free supply of stationary bearing the name and the address of the hotel.
Bathrooms:  Every bathroom shall be well lighted and provided with a deodorant air freshener, each bedroom shall have a wash basin with a mirror and light above it, an electric plug, a shelf, a towel rack, a sanitary letter bin, electric sockets for plugs, a face towel and bathing towel for each guest.
Dining Room / Restaurant: The restaurant and dining room shall serve a wide variety of Nigeria and continental food service shall be prompt, curtains and efficient menu cards shall be available to guests, the restaurant and dining room be separate from the fifteen and shall have comfortable seating arrangements, separate male and female toilets shall be available convenience close to the restaurant and dining room.
1.2       Statement OF THE Problem
The role of managers in the current or the present day society in the management system is geared towards effective and efficient achievement of their basic goals of maximization.
Some of the hotels or hospitality industry are not up to the standard but due to poor management they will set price at a higher rate that people will be afraid of lodging in due to the rate and poor service rendering in some regarded as hospitality industries, it is no longer regarded as hospitality industry rather as a place you can go and spend your money.
Again, another factor that is affecting this system are inefficient management ability of good communication and inadequate staff training, these are inadequate staff training of the managers.
Finally, to determine the roles of managers in management of small scale organization to determine the effectiveness and efficiency of achieving an organizational common objective, efficiency involves using resources wisely and in a cost while effectiveness has to do with making the right decision and successfully implementing them.
1.3    Purpose of the Study
 The study is expected to highlight the roles of managers in management of small scale organization.
1.   One of the purposes of these study or work is to know the contributions made by managers in management of small scale organization. The aim of these study is to ascertain if the contribution been made by managers contribute positively for the growth and success of the establishment or negatively.
2.   To find out if these roles of managers helps to improve the organizational performance. Another purpose of these works is to ascertain whether these roles of managers help to improve the organization performance.
1.4    Significance of the Study
Over the years, the roles of managers have been the order of the day in any small scale business organization. It has reached a crises situation where some business organization have suffered bankruptcy as a result of inefficiency in managerial executions of workers duties, so this study is specially designed for these distressed small business organization in the state and other localities, so as to comprehend the reasons of the insolvency of their organization.
Again, the work will also be a good benefit to those who want to establish any small business enterprise so as to know the right way to follow.
Finally, it is hoped that this research would want to explore more on the managers who would want to explore more on the roles of managers in a small business firm.
Since these problems have been deducted through the use of the role of managers, these problems have been reduced to a bearable number.
1.5    Scope of the Study:
 The study is focused on the hotels where Top Rank Hotel Independence Layout Enugu is as a case study. It is located in Enugu, so that Enugu will have good hospitality industry and a standard with Abuja’s industries. Because of the problems encountered in Hotel, it has with draw people from resting in hostel.
From the research made, the researcher have find out that it is the same group of people that I managing hotels in Enugu.
1.6    Research Questions:
To accomplish the purpose of the study, the following questions will be addressed.
1.   What roles do managers play in small scale organization?
2.   Do these roles of managers help to improve the organizational performance?
3.   As a manager, how can these roles be carried out in an organization?
4.   Does this role add more value to an organization?


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