the role of management information system in improving customer services in the banking industry

(Business Administration and Management)

 This research work was aimed at determining the extent to which the role of management information system will improve customer services in United Bank for Africa (UBA) Plc with much emphasis on the impact of computerization of its operations.
A structured questionnaire made up of a little combination of dictatorship and open ended questions was developed and distributed to a total number of 97 employees comprising of both make and female employees of United Bank for Africa No 10 Station Road, Okpara Avenue, Enugu.
The data collected were analyzed using percentages.  Based on the above major findings include:-
1)                  Time wasted in bank is constituted by various things such as, too many customers, and breakdown in the system etc.
2)                  That employing computer services will reduce time wasting.
3)                  That the activities of fraudsters as been the major set back of the use of management information system.
4)                  That there are benefits associated with the use of management information system.
5)                  That the bank would be able to keep and maintain records of various accounts and customers records as well as management and staff efficiency.
Based on these findings, the following recommendations are made:-
1)                  To computer favourably, there should be a means by which new methods of operation is adopted.
2)                  There should be proper planning before introducing a computerization system.
3)                  Staff should be trained properly
4)                  Customers’ satisfaction should be the top most priority of the bank.
1.0       Introduction
1.1              Background of the study
1.2              Statement of the problem
1.3              Purpose of the study
1.4              Research question
1.5              Scope of the study
1.6              Limitation of the study
1.7              Significance of the study
1.8              Definition of term
2.0       Literature Review
2.1              Brief history of banking in Nigeria
2.2              Banking operation in Nigeria
2.3              Origin of money
2.4              Development of banking
2.5              Account maintained by United Bank for Africa Plctrust bank
2.6              Using management information system to improve customer service
3.0       Research design and methodology
3.1              Area of the study
3.2              Population of the study
3.3              Sample and sampling techniques
3.4              Instrument of data collection
3.5              Methods of data collection
3.6              Method of data analysis
4.0       Data presentation and analysis of data
4.1       Summary of findings
5.0       Discussion of result
5.1              Discussions of result/findings
5.2              Conclusions
5.3              Recommendation
5.4              Implication of the research findings
5.5              Suggestion for further research
Appendix 1
1.1              BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY
At the start, in business and other organization, internal reporting was made manually and only periodically as a by-product of the accounting system and with some additional statistics and gave unlimited, and delayed information on management performances.  In their infancy, business computers were used for the practical business of computing the payroll and keeping track of account payable and account receivable.  As applications were developed that provided managers with information  about sales, inventories and other data that would help in managing the enterprises, the term “Management Information System (MIS) arose to describe these kind of application.  Today, the term is used broadly in a number contexts and includes (but not limited to) decision support system, resources and peoples management and data based retrieval applicable.
Management Information System (MIS) is a subject of the overall internal control of a business covering the application of people, documents and technologies. It is an information, collection and analysis system, usually computerized, that facilities access to program and participant information. It is usually design and used for administrative purpose.
According to Philip K, etal (2006) management information system consist of people, equipment and procedures to gather, sort, analyze, evaluate and distribute needed, timely and accurate information to management decision maters.
It is based on this computerized system that managers in banking industry tend to improve the services they rendered to the customers.  The world as a whole has become a global village as a result of information technology and in a bid to adapt to the constant changes with, made of operation in order to keep abreast with the current practice and to effectively face the constant changes experienced in business.
The changes and challenges go in line with the dynamic nature of the business environment which is the key determination factor of the success and failure of and any business.  In the light of this dynamic nature of business, customers have a lot of expectation from banks in the way they render their services.  The growing expectations prompt the banking industry into the role of management information system to smoothen their performance and improving services they render to their customers.
Today, there are a lot of challenges, in the banking industry characterize by constant changes in customer needs as well as completion achieving or being the major controller of customers patronage in the entire banking industry.
Thus, in a bid, to compete favourable and effectively some banks have to adopt new method of operation currently practically all over the world.  Within their wider world.  Mankind has found himself entrapped in what is regarded as computer in diverse area of human endeavour.  Due to computer network, on-line information electronic banking and fund transfer services, it is easy for to transact bank business including cashing of money.  In mot banks, customer spends almost the whole of the working hours / day in order to collect their money.
However, if such bank computerized their services, it, will not take them much time to render service to their customers, thereby, reducing the man-hour wasted by personnel and enhances productivity.
In managing information System (MIS) the  use of computer in performance administration function enhances creation of files in the computer memory such as account balanced sheet and security reports files there is no doubt the banking industry would have a perfect control of their business without paying too higher premium in terms of time.  With the computerized analysis and presentation of the information in these files.
Planning in any organization is the availability of adequate and accurate information.  Therefore, organizing a raw diverse data in such as way as to present itself in an easy decision taken, would involve the processing of these raw data in an effects and efficient means of performing this exercise is through the use of computer based management Information System, which contains the operational data based management system to ensure that records are kept up to data, and made available on demand to those who need then for planning and operational purposes.
Therefore, for any corporate organization or industries like the banking industry to be effectively and successfully in their operation, there must be availability of adequate and reliable information about their customers, what they need and how to satisfy this need.  Lack of effective management has led to the collapsing of some banks in the country.
Despite the awareness availability of Management Information System (MIS), there are still some lapses as regards to the quality of service some banks render to their customer such as time wasting delay in sorting out customers data, inability to access customer breakdown etc.
Consequently, based on the problem, the researcher is motivated to examine the extent to which the role of Management Information System (MIS) can be used in improving customers services in the banking industry with emphasis on United Bank for Africa plc, Enugu.
 1.2              STATEMENT OF PROBLEM
The introduction of management information system has brought about changes in the business environment as well as well as the banking industry, but inspite of this there are still areas in which it has not been fully utilized in carrying out banking operations in the banking industry.
In Nigeria, there are still some banks in Nigeria were data processing and executive of transaction are done manually, at times, customers account cannot be accessed due to computer breakdown inability to go-on line, delay in collecting or sorting out of customer’s data, undue delay in collecting money from the bank and sometimes the activities of fraudsters.
The above factors have created a negative patronage from public savings and other transactions through the bank.  This has resulted to loss of revenue for some banks as well as customers in terms of services rendered to them.
1.3              OBJECTIVE OF THE STUDY
This research work is aimed at discovering means by which Management Information System (MIS) can be used to improve customer services in the banking industry.  This will serve as a basis for improving the present system of operation and the quality of services rendered.
An improved computerized banking operation has a great advantage of improving the quality of services rendered to customers, which will smoothen the performance of the various department of the bank.
However, the aim purpose of this study is to examine the possible impact of computerization of banking operation such as:-
1.                  Security
2.                  Accuracy/adequacy of management decision making
3.                  The effectiveness and efficiency of the banking operation
4.                  Improved management functions
5.                  The effectiveness and efficiency of the banking operation
6.                  The extent of computer fraud in the bank
1.5              RESEARCH QUESTIONS
To guide this study, research question are hereby formulated for proper direction which are:-
1.                  To what extent with the use of management information system improve customer service in the banking industry.
2.                  To what extent is the efficiency in the use of computer in the bank?
3.                  What is the level of security against fraudsters in the bank?
4.                  What are the measures taken in terms of customer’s satisfaction?
The outcome of this study can create the much needed awareness of using management information system to improve the performance and effectiveness of banks.
On completion of this study, the management of United Bank for Africa is expected to take advantage of the suggestions and recommendation that will be made so as to fully embrace the utilization of management information system for proper management of the bank in terms of planning, decision making, services rendered and for other operational purposes.  Also, it is expected that the result of this work will restore to some basic areas in which the bank have not been using management information system.
Efficiency and effectiveness are terms associated with any industry.  A bank cannot compete favourably with other well-known banks in the banking industry without, having its operation computerized.  This is because the success of any bank lies on the computerized operation of their banks, which gives them edge or put them ahead other banks in terms of customer satisfaction.
Therefore, the bank should computerized its operation in other areas such as computer network, on-line information (electronic banking) and fund transfer services in other to join the new of success experienced by the fast growing banks within the banking sector.
a.         Management information system:-  Management Information System (MIS) consist of people equipment and procedures to gather information, sort, analyze, evaluate, and distribute needed, timely and accurate information to management decision makers.
b.         Information: Information is data that has been selected, processed, stored, tabulated, summarized, categorize, sorted, manipulated, calculated and conveyed for decision making process.
c.         System:  Orderly assemblage of facts, parts.
d.         Planning: Planning is to plan, and it means a scheme programme or method worked out before hand for the accomplishment f an objective.
e.         Customer: A customers is one who buys goods and services.  An individual with who you must deal with.  A customer is also known as a client, buyer, or purchase. It is usually used to refer to a current or potential buyer of a product of an individual or company.
f.          Data Base:-  A data base is an organized collection of data for one or more purpose, usually, in digital form.  Data area typically organized to model relevant aspect of reality.


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