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          From time immemorial the role of leader in ensuring excellent organizational performance can not be over emphasized. Need for adequate motivation, suitable. Working environment, compensation and efficient communication between employers and employee are important to promoting excellent organization performance.
1.1     INTRODUCTION                                                            
1.2     History and Development of Small Scale Business
in Nigeria                                                                                 
1.3     Statement of the Problems                                             
1.4     Objective of the Research                                                         
1.5     Signification of the Study                                                        
1.6     Research Methodology                                                   
2.1        Historical Background of Pet-Tim                                  
2.2        Per-Tim Administration                                                  
2.3        Definition of Small Business                                          
2.4        Examples of Small Scale Businesses                              
2.5        Role of SMS’s in Developing our Economy           
2.6        Characteristics of Small Scale Business                         
2.7        Problems of Small Scale Enterprise                                
2.8        Frustration of Small Scale Businesses                           
2.9        The Starting Problems and Failure Sights of
Small Business                                                                        
2.10     Planning a Small Scale Business Essential Tips   
3.1        Research Methodology                                                   
3.2        Population and Sampling Method                                  
3.3        Administration of Questionnaire                                    
3.4        Method of Data Analysis                                                          
4.1        Introduction                                                                            
4.2        Criterion Group Return                                                 
4.3        Analysis of Data                                                             
4.4        Analysis                                                                                   
5.0        Summary                                                                                 
5.1        Conclusion                                                                     
5.2        Recommendation                                                           
          The topic is based on the operation of small scale business that is how the director of nay small scale individual should manage and operate its firm. In other words, ho the director of any small firm should perform to enhance the firm’s productivities success and to reap the advantage of setting the business.
          It is essential to understand that management and operation is the care of my business or firm because of the owners or managers are unable to manage and operate properly in business well, the more the problems will be arising everyday.
          The survival of any firm of business depends on how this difficulties and problems which or that arises daily are taken or tacked and managed by the director and cream involved in the management an operation and operation of the firm. In attempt to ack were those successes lies on the consideration given to the following factors.
1.           Product and services to be rendered
2.           Location of the industry
3.           Nearness to the market
4.           Availability of raw materials
5.           Channel of distribution
6.           Road and infrastructural project
7.           Power supply
8.           Capitalization
as earlier said in my attempt for a proprietor or director to fail some the factor listed above, the possibility of the firm to survive is remote, as a result that is why over 60% of the small scale industries in the counts of fail because of lack of power management and it’s operation.
          Our study is limited to the survival and growth of Pet-Tim Group of Companies situated at lwokos Road, Ado Ekiti. The study will enlighten the readers what small scale business in a given country or nation particularly in these country (NIGERIA).
The management and operation of small scale industries in Nigeria in the face of current economic and political and realities and instability of the country has taken a new trend or dimension. A new trend in the sense that management techniques applied to small scale business in the yea of economic buoyancy. If not critically examined, cannot sustain any small business o today the management techniques in those days of economics depression.
          However, the aim and objectives of this project to highest the management and operation of small scale industry in Nigeria as a whole.
Although some people contend that the earliest beginnings of small scale theory date back to the writing of Richard Canutillo (1775), most scholars agreed that there are no serious theoretical studies and formulation of small scale business until the works of max weber and Joseph Schumpeter. Other prominent writers in the field include David McChellande. Le vine Everel Hagen, Edith Pen rose, Thomas Cochran, Frank Young John Kunkeli Akeredulu – Ale Olakanpo, Schests and Edokpayi.
The theories postulated by these authors most of which are aggressively empirical are very diverse. The range from sociological psychological economic imperatives some authors attempt to relate the emergency of small scale business to religious social and cultural characteristics.
The only conclusion from these theories can only be that several factors, not just one explain why an individual goes into business. In like’s work certain kinds of experience and situational conditions rather than personality or ego are the major determinant of whether on not an individual becomes a small scale owner.
There have been some studies of Nigerian small scale business industries. Some of the early studies include Schatz and Edokpayi 1962, Schatz and Edokpayi, in their 1962 study which was limited to former western Nigeria they wanted to determined the reactions of Nigeria small scale businessman to Government measure to encourage the management and operations of small scale. Although they earned that their study has serious reality problem, in spite of their short coming their findings reflects the following.
Most Nigeria business believe that inadequate capital is their main problem.
Most of their respondent complamed about lack of organization and management skill and
Five indigenous banks responded that the business misapplied the loans for another purpose.
Another finding reported by Schatz and Edokpayi in their paper or economic attitude of Nigerian due to financial in trust worthiness and with expatriates due to insufficient capital insufficient knowledge, ability and experience.
          A critical review of the finding, shows that in spite of the reality problem which the researchers warned about their study. The finding still reflect the reality on the Nigerian businessmen complain loudly about inadequate capital and are silent about the problem facing Nigeria businessmen. The problem of inability to form partnership is also there.
          Study of Akerediurale (1972) and J.R (Harris (1967 was limited to the study of small scale operations. He was restricted to indigenous trading shops in Lagos, employing less them 5 people, a cursory review of Olakampo’s study highlight the need for management competence on the part of indigenous enterprises Olakapo’s finding of Schatz and his college.
          Harris in his 1965 study tried isolate the principal determinants of Nigeria small scale operational activity in the industry. His study conversed 269 firms (250 fully indigenous and 19 joint ventures with dominant Nigeria interest) in saw milling, furniture, printing, rubbs, processing etc. his study this covered industries with low level of technology and low investment told.
          In general, Harris found that the main bottle neck confronting the Nigeria small scale business is the shortage of technical and managerial personal, this agrees with kysy’s position Harris found out that Nigeria small scale operation perform well in
The perception of opportunity and
The gaining of command over resources to establish a firm performs badly in the management of the ongoing enterprise. He opined that the “ability” to respond to industrial opportunities rather than “willing ness” appears to be the primary deterrent to the expansion of effective small scale operations in Nigeria.
Akeredu of in his 1968-70 study involving 52 full indigence limited liability companies in Lagos state he explore the relationship between
Capital (venture and working)
Expatriate competition
Organizational form of indigenous companies
Group properties of the indigenous small scale elite on the one hand and their performance on the other hand.  
A review of Akeredolu- Ale’s finding, shows that the problem of capital and inadequate management skill in indigenous enterprises has re-echoed.
          In the course of carrying out these project I faced many difficulties which or that affected any caused debades to my project compilation in time. It is bond to encounter one problem or the other while doing these kind of things.
          There were also a lot of problems faced to find current information of the company from the management of the company especially the manager of the industry.
          Firstly, I encountered the problem of finance which I had to do an authentic research of information needed to complete the project. It is a business organizations are set up for the purpose of achieving their desire objective therefore, the problem of this research is to find out whether or how to manage the operations of small scale business.
          the objective of this study is to evaluation the effectiveness of small scale operations in pet-tim group of companies, Ado Ekiti the purpose of carrying out the study include.
(a)          To identify the need of small scale development in an economy  
(b)          To bring out the problems associated small scale operations in any environments,
(c)          To bring out the advantage of small scale operations.
(d)          Also the role of small scale operations in developing our modern day economy.
(e)          Lastly the work is aimed at making recommendation which will be of immense value to people in the organization of small scale operation
          The management and operation enhance the productivity and commitment to petition group  of companies.
          The organization of pet-tin situated at ado Ekiti is involve in the production of different electrical materials which includes electric cables, electri poles and hiring of trailers to the people.
          It will serve as an eye opener of the management in enhancing productivity and also job satisfaction the organization will also be able to know the management in enhancing in development of their industry.
          To the academics, well add the knowledge of small scale operations and its full management.
          All the data used in this work were collected from the management of the organization as it’s primary source include staffs of the organization and personal observation while the secondary data were developed from annual reports and also notes delivered from annual reports and also note delivered on lecturers at work shop seminars company’s quarterly dialogue.


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