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 The project is a work on the role of staff training and compensation in public corporation [A case study of the Enugu state Agricultural Development Corporation (A case study of the Enugu State Agricultural Development Corporation). The subject forms the foundation for all hypothesis which have been estimated explained. Emphases were given on discovery the essence of staff training and how the presence or absence affects the corporation. Different methods of training were treated methods that are applicable to staff based on the need of the individual staff. Compensation was found to be a major means of encouraging staff towards sustainable and increment in effort. It was discovered to serve as means of retraining the best incumbent in an organization. Questionnaires  and interview methods were used to  collect the needed data in the final analysis. The roles that staffs training and compensation pay in public corporation were highlighted . The subject is not without its problems. The recommendations were made for the full benefits to be derived.   
1.1        Background of the study                               
1.2        Statement of the Problem                     
1.3        Purpose of the Study                           
1.4        Scope of the study                                      
1.5        Research Questions                                     
1.6        Limitation of the study                          
1.7        Definition of Terms                                      
1.8        Significance of the study                               
2.1    Literature                                                   
3.1    Source of Data                                            
3.2    Area of Study                                             
3.3    Population of the study                         
3.4    Sample Size                                               
3.5    Instruments of Data Collection                       
3.6    Validity of Instrument                           
3.7    Reliability of Instrument                                
3.8    Method of Data Collection                     
3.9    Method of Data Analysis                               
4.1    Presentation and Analysis                     
4.2    Summary of Findings (Result)                        
5.1    Discussion of Findings (Results)              
5.2    Implications of the Research Findings     
5.3    Conclusions                                        
5.4    Suggestions for Further Studies             
The study on the roles of staff training and compensation in public cooperation, a case study of the Enugu state Agricultural Development Cooperation is in attended to look into the very important but usually over looked subject of staff training and their due reward in various ways of staff training.
The study shall delve into the proper attitude that should be digging about compensation of staff and the various methods of compensation.
The role of these two subjects training and compensation cannot be over emphasized. This study will do its best within the scope allows it to shows the importance of staff training and compensation in public corporation, a case study of the Enugu  State Agricultural Development cooperation. This study shall also endeavor to expose the inadequacies in the system of staff training and compensation with a view to proffering possible solution for the benefit of the employees and the employer.
For any organization to function very effectively whether it is big or small the knowledge and skills of the staff that organization must first be taken into consideration.
Organization often recruits different categories of employees, some at higher, some middle and some at lower cadres. In addition to the already acquired knowledge and skills of these various categories of employees, corporations are expected to improve their performance and productivity through training and rewarding to the advantage of the corporation irrespective of the level of an employees academic standing, there are situations which might arise within the organization which may call for training and development of employees, for instance, changes in the methods of production and introduction of new technology.
Public corporation and modern industries came into an existence since Nigeria got her independence in October 1960 which brought about development among the entire societies. Since then, whether profit seeking or not. Since then, the little effort the corporation has made on the effectiveness of staff training and compensation, has, brought about a vital standard for motivation between the corporation and her staff. This lead to the relationship between the corporation and her staff, which imposed on the increment and improvement of the corporation.
 Historical Background of Enugu State Agricultural Development Corporation  
Following the success of earlier agricultural development projects in some states of the federation, the federal government with the assistance of the international Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD), decided the extent the strategy of Agricultural Development (ADP) for integral oral development to all part of the country, until the first general of (ADP), the multi-states Agricultural Development Project (MSADP) are phased in wide coverage. But in contract with the nterprises, the entire staff should be subjected to development and programmes. Staff training especially in the public sectors have not received adequate attention of management. Even the selection and employment of conditions for training programmes have become political issues where merit had been knocked down.
He went further saying that every staff of any public enterprises needs to be well educated and adequately trained. He concluded that staffs seek for  employment in an organization to contribute on the ooverall goals, as well as to solve his personal needs from what he in turn receives from the organization. This expectation he received is the reward which motivates him to work harder.
Ani .N. Agbo G, Nwandu E. (2002): They said that, “it is important indeed to train a staff. They defined training as an organizational effort  aimed at helping employees to acquire basic skills required for the efficient execution of the functions for which the staff were employed for, they said that when the staff must have being trained, the enterprise will benefit from it, thereby leading to an improvement in productivity, better co-ordination etc.” They also commented on motivating of staff which leads to a greater performance of employees. Finally, they stated that compensation is a motivational seed that changes the organization and its staff.
According to the oral interview being conducted at the Enugu State Agricultural Development Corporation, some of the staff strongly and happily joined the researcher in the exposition of the importance of training and proper rewards for staff in different ways, both within and outside of the office environment, he commented that training makes and modes staff to know things  which are far from their reasoning, he commented badly that due to lack of financial support from the government, the organization some times found it very difficult to send her staff for a training programmes.
The staff bitterly concluded that training and compensation are very vital keys in which must be given to reference in the management of how to co-ordinate the staff, but the management found it  very hard to reward her staff, due to this, some of the staff took their job as nothing to talk about.
Another staff of Enugu State Agricultural Development Corporation said that, he will love it the more if the training will be constantly within or outside the office environment, due to the high rate of technology in the society he went further saying that due to lack of training, the untrained staff hardly performs well. He said that coming to the area of rewarding staff, that the normally hide whenever work is available.
A book from internet being written by Elsgolts L. (1970): stated in his book “Human Resources management 7th edition; that the relationship between the behavious of staff and the outcomes of their actions is affected by individual factors and organizational factors are reward system, and training.” The book also stated that for motivated behaviour to occur three elements are important
Adequate skills relevant know how many in any particular filed of discipline of endeavor are determining factors to a successful and achievement of determination objectives.
Corporation both public and private seeks always to employ and retain staffs with proven dexterity to accomplish a task. Such staffs with high level skills in a specialized area are valuable assets, highly priced but have a great wealth of experience.
This study will attempt to answer hence  questions on:
i       Why are some employees more skillful than others?
ii       What factors have led to the acquisitions of skills?
iii      Why are such members of staff scarce?
iv      How can such members of staff be properly encouraged to make them put in the best for the benefits of the corporation?
Every institution and organization is result oriented while some are to make profit. Others may be aiming at offering the best social or public services. The study on the role of staff training and compensation in the public corporation (a case study of the Enugu State Agricultural Development Corporation), is therefore in objective congruence with the objectives of a result oriented corporations.
Among the other objectives, this study is geared towards the following objectives:-
1.           Analyzing the relationship between the corporation and its staff.
2.           Exposing the importance of staff training to the public corporation.
3.           Finding out the best way for staff training
4.           Showing the practical positions of training and compensation in the public corporation having the Enugu State Agricultural development as a case study.
5.           Proffering solutions where necessary to the problems encountered in the process of staff training and compensation.
For the purpose of the study, this study shall extend only to the limits of available information in the role of  staff training and compensation in the public corporation, a case study of the Enugu State Agricultural Development Corporation.
This study shall however attempt to explain the various factors that affects the staff drawing a comparison between such factors with the lack of available training programmes and  compensation. It shall the look into the role of training of staff and their compensation in the public corporation. It shall also, for the purpose of background understanding attempts the description of public corporations.
1.     What are the relationship between the corporation and its staff?
2.     What are the importances of staff training to public corporation?
3.     What are the best way of finding staff training
4.     What are the practical positions of training and compensation in the public corporation having the Enugu State Agricultural Development Corporation as a case study.
5.     What are the solution necessary to the problems encountered in the process of staff training and compensation.
The study skill is significant in no small measure to administration and managers of public and privet enterprises as they are offered an opportunity to realize the great benefits that are derivable from the training of staff and the great upliftment that compensation of staff can give to any corporation.
A trained well oriented staff is security to himself and to the corporation. This security guides him confidence and this confidence pays-off on the corporation.
Compensation is motivational and can relieve a whole lot of social and economics problems. A well compensated worker has a sense of belonging and can claim to derive extreme satisfaction.
As managers and administrators give this ideal concept and put it into practices. Then man power development is already into a new realm of effectiveness and efficiency
This study is significant as well to the staffs who intend to be trained and the one who needs or deserves compensation. This work gives him added impetus as he realized the effect his training on the corporation. It will consequently add to his intrinsic and extrinsic satisfaction, to go ahead in acquiring skills through training and retraining as they made available in the corporation.
The problems within and around the system exposed, shall be a stretcher to the employer and the employee, also using the solution proffered against the problems shall be able to reap bountifully. The benefit from the role of staff training and compensation in their individual corporation.
The methods of training the staff as well as the compensation being numerous shall be revealed in the study, hall also be a good reference from which any corporation could be choose the best method as they are applicable to them.
1.     What is staff?
        This is all people employed by a particular organization.
        The entire group of employees who works at a company or
        The act of holding a position at a company
2.     What is training:-
        This is a process of importing knowledge in the life of others or
        The action of undertaken a course of exercise and diet in preparation for a sporting event.
3.     What is compensation?
        This is a systematic approach to providing monetary value to employee in exchange for work performed or
        The action or process of making such an award.
4.     What is public corporation?
        This is a company whose shares are publicly traded and are usually held by a large number of people or
                A corporation created to perform a governmental function or to operate under government control.


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