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This research study tries to investigate the management problems of private enterprises, a case study of Anambra Motor Manufacturing Company (ANAMMCO). One of the major objectives of any government is a stable growth and development of the country through industrialization. One of the avenues through which this is achieved is by the establishment of private enterprises. ANAMMCO, being a private enterprise, the researcher has undertaken to investigate how much it has contributed to the general growth and development of Nigeria and also investigate any managerial problems of may have. This research study contains five chapters.  Chapter one introduction of the topic “Management Problems of private enterprise  (A Case of ANAMMCO) along with the statement of the problems, objectives of the study and hypothesis.  Chapter two talks about the review of the literature on the topic.  Chapter three is all about the research methodology.  Chapter four talks about analysis and interpretation of data.  Chapter five contains conclusions followed by recommendations to the management of ANAMMCO. It is the belief of the researcher that this researcher work will be of great benefit to the management of ANAMMCO and other public enterprises that may have similar problems.
1.1        Background of the study                       
1.2        Statement of the study                 
1.3        Objectives of the study                
1.4        Research Hypothesis                    
1.5        Significance of the Study              
1.6        Scope of the study                              
1.7        Limitations of the study                        
1.8        Definition of Terms                              
Review of Related Literature         
2.1        The Private Sector Organization     
2.2        Concept of Public and Private Sector
2.3        Private Sector Organization Performance                
2.4        Overview of Government Effort                     
2.5        Prospects of Private Sector Organization         
Research Design and Methodology
3.1    Source of Data                                                    
3.2    Research Instruments                                  
3.3    Population of the Techniques                         
3.4    Sampling Techniques                                   
3.5    Method of Investigation                                        
3.6    Reliability of the Instrument                          
3.7    Validity of the Instrument                              
3.8    Method of Data Analysis                                       
CHAPTER FOUR:         
4.1        Presentation and Analysis of Data                  
5.1        Summary of Findings                           
5.2        Conclusions                                                
5.3        Recommendation                                
In any developing economy, the government is the main initiator and promoter economic development, especially in Nigeria. In developing countries government usually intervene some areas of the economic in which the private sector cannot perform, according to Abubakar government has institute and made use of many public enterprise over the years.
It would be recalled however that in the fifties and sixties, agriculture was the main stay of the Nigeria economy. The early seventies earned for Nigeria loge crude oil revenue at a level that never was anticipated. The new dimension got government involved more with widely diversified investments in areas that span both the traditional public sector and exclusive private sector business.
        As a result of this development in  crude oil, agriculture that was the main stay of our economy was later given less attention owing to this circumstances, the  government investment were sponsored mostly by the oil revenues. The oil boom era (1994-1979) has been descried as the gold era for public investment. The government invested is over 30 parastatals and companies within the period. Most of them have been unprofitable; some private investment cannot even meet their operating costs and have depended on government subventions for their year to year survival.
        Public co-operations in Nigeria have been considered inefficient and wistful. This is because they have viewed it with the profit criterion kindleberer (1986) however hints that this is not a fair judgment economic activities it is usually not appropriate to use the performance standard of the private sector they are loses is different colours, the objective of private because is profit, while the government enterprise is series to the society or promotion of general welfare.
           Olisa (1985) said that prior to independence and after Nigeria was faced with the problem of attaining her social-economic objectives, there was no well destined capitalist class that could operate the much needed development through their productive and industrializing activities. The civil service, at that time was inappropriate for accelerated development and the private company was saddened with the problem of running much business.
        There  parastatals are established out side the civil services and this allows for greater freedom of action, quicker decision making which will promote their efficiency and effectiveness. This corporation is managed through company management appointed officials who could utilize the profit occurring from their operation in categories for the masses interest conwudum: (1970).
        Ugwu: 1990 said that in Nigeria it is very unfortunate that government have rapid developed and this is because the management of these enterprises have constituted the bane of the enterprises. Most of them failed to meet people’s expectation in terms of provision of goods and services and development in general. The commercially oriented one neither make profits or even sustain themselves. All efforts by successive company yield no positive result respite various commission of inquiring and review parties. The performance of these enterprise still fall short’s of people’s expectation. It is based on this that the researcher finds the need to investigate this problem in Anambra Motor manufacturing Company (ANAMMCO).
        Anambra Motor manufacturing company incorporated on the 17th of January 1980 and started official production in January, 19981. The company, which has a staff stein 9th of seven hundred and ninety0four and an installed capacity of producing seven n thousand and five hundred commercial vehicles CT nick assembly) annually presently utilizing fifteen (15%) of installed capacity its product range included as Mercedes Benz trucks and buses of various sizes, fire fighting vehicles, ambulance, refuse disposal vans as well as vehicle refurbishment. It is however worthy of that its production is limited to assembly and spare parts sales.
        Incorporated with an authorized and fully paid up share capital of seven million naira agreement between Nigeria and Daimlar Mercedes Benz of Germany, Although it was initially licensed to produced trucks, it later went into the production of buses.
        And they set up with the objective of manufacturing and marketing assisting in manpower development through technology, training, activating transport problem in the country, helping to reduced unemployment in the counting ANANMMCO is located at Emene near Enugu. With company operations organized into six functional divisions and numerous departments under the division. Its board of directors made up of six member. Anambra motor manufacturing company has two workers union-the senior and the junior staff union.
     It is important to not that private enterprises in any given economy has important role to play in the rapid social-economic development of the country private company owned enterprises and some buskins in Nigeria  are established to accelerate the pace of economic development in which managers is the major investor. Due to the important roles associated with the major private enterprise in Nigeria. There is need for good management for this efficiency. It is a fact that companies spends large sums of money in setting up this enterprise and thus looks forward to making profit. As a result of inefficiency in running this enterprise, federal government and state government have in the recent past set up committee which studied the private corporate and parastatals and recommended privatization and commercialization of some of this enterprise.
Since private enterprise is important in growth of any economy there is the need to investigate the problem of private enterprise in Nigeria? Also, there is need to identify the reason for criticism leveled again them despite the enormous investment in private enterprises is Nigeria obviously not getting good values for the money being spend or invested on these private enterprise, this give the decision to this reprises. This gives the decision to this research an “management problems of private enterprises in Nigeria” with Anammco as a case study.       
This study is aimed at the management problem of private enterprises in Enugu state with a view to identifying these problem and therefore coming up with solutions to the as related to the aforementioned corporation. This study aims:
Identify some of management problems facing the private enterprise like inadequate finance, poor managerial skills inadequate infrastructural facilities etc.
Examining the influence of the problems on the corporations in particular and state as a whole.
Identify if there is any impact of enterprise interference on their performance.
Giving recommendation based on the findings of the study and suggestion suitable ways and strategies of improving the managerial efficiency.
Ho:   there is no need for management inefficiency due to the important roles associated with the major private enterprise in Nigeria.
Hi:    There is need for management inefficiency due to the important roles associated with the major private enterprise in Nigeria.
Ho: Private company does not spend large sum of
money in setting up these enterprises.
Hi:    Private company spend large sum of money in
setting up these enterprises.
Ho:  There is no need for private enterprise in
management efficiency established business in Nigeria government.
 Hi: there is need for private enterprise in
management efficiency established business in Nigeria government.
Ho: private enterprises are not important in their growth of any economy in which both private and public enterprise operates.
Hi: private enterprises are important in their growth of any economy in which both private and public enterprise operates
In third world countries, private enterprise is noted for their inefficiency and waste of resources. To save the situation an inquiry is needed in this sector of our economy especially at this time of economic difficulties facing the country.
        The country cannot Alford to encourage entertain any kind of economic waste in our private enterprises since if efficiency is maximized, it will definitely have a positive effect on the improve standard of living of the general private. This is the significance if this study, it is roped that the study of the management problem in the private enterprise in Enugu state (ANAMMCO) will help management sort some managerial problem so that both worker and organization will benefits and the private enterprise will achieve more in future.
This study seeks to cover various management problems identified in the private motor manufactures company. The scope of this study covers whatever problems that will hinder the profitability of this company sustainably and continued growth. They have so many opportunities to study and required series of contract in their company have so many opportunities to study and requires series of contracts in their company. Also they have useful data for kind of study that agencies needed in their work for company.
A warehouse is a commercial building for storage of goods. Warehouse is used by many factor, importer and exporters, wholesales, transport business customer etc. they are usually large plain buildings in industrial parts of town. They come equipped with coaling docks to load and unload trucks or sometimes are loaded directly from railways airports or seaports. They also often have cranes  and forklifts for moving goods.
         Is the process by which term applied to the craft or mating the producer or a product or service with customer both existing and potential. It provide any  direction to someone hoping to market his  product or services. Effectively with that more modern explanation of what marketing is and what makes it effective, marketing is the four step process that begins with analysis and defining a qualified universe of potential users or buyers.
Consumer market   
        The consumer market deals with the last final customer two buys the product for their aim satisfaction personal use or student consumer you could possibly be a member of the markets for “brand name” clothing and shoes, cottage book


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