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Human relation management is earning as a major determinant of organizational conflict. An organization success depends on how they are able to relate with the staff in the organization. Organization are established with the aim of making profit but how are they making profit with a lot conflict arising from all angles. For the reason a research was been carried out in order to know the causes and impact of organizational conflict. Conflict can be defined as a type of behaviour that occurs when two or more parties are an opposition as a result relative deprivation intercepting with one person or group. From the research carried out we were able to know the causes and impact of conflict in the organization. The project is divided into five (5) chapters. Chapter one treated the background of the study, statement of the study, objective of the study, statement of hypothesis, significance of the study scope of the study research question and definition of terms and references. In chapter two literature review were examined by other studies as it relates to causes and impact of conflict in an organization.  Chapter three deals with the design of the study the method used in collecting data and it also deals with the ways questionnaires were distributed using sample population of one hundred and twenty two staff and customers and the data were analyzed using percentages. In chapter four the data were treated. The data gotten from the research survey were analyzed and interpreted and clearly presented. Chapter five treated the summary or finding, conclusion and recommendation. From the research we were able to know that all forms of business organization experience conflict. And the basic reason why conflict occur in an organization is because of different belief that were what 35 respondents representing 38% responds rates said the impact of conflict in an organization is that minimized organization profit according to the researcher 40 respondents representing 43% response rate were in support of it. The researcher recommended that First Bank Nigeria Plc Enugu should increase their co-operation among staff and between staff and customers since it reduces organizational conflict.
1.1        Background of the study                                       
1.2        Statement of Problems                                 
1.3        Objective of the Study                                 
1.4        Research Question/Hypothesis                               
1.5        Scope of the Study                                              
1.6        Limitation of the study                                  
1.7        Definition of Terms                                              
Review of related literature
2.1        Meaning of Industrial Conflict                        
2.2        Types of Conflict                                         
2.3        Inter Group Conflict                                             
2.4        Conflict of Organizational Conflict                   
2.5        Sources of Organizational Conflict                  
2.6          Conflict as a Source of Strength and Weakness in an Organization                                            
2.7        The Institutionalization of Conflict                   
Research Design and Methodology
3.1        Research Design                                  
3.2        Area of the Study                                        
3.3        Population of the Study                                
3.4        Sample and Sampling Procedures          
3.5        Instrument of Data Collection                        
3.6        Validation of the Instrument                  
3.7        Reliability of Instrument                                
3.8        Method of Data Collection                     
Data Presentation Analysis                            
4.1        Presentation Analysis                           
4.2        Summary of Finding (Results)                        
Discussion, recommendation and conclusion
5.1        Discussion of Result                                     
5.2        Implication of the Research Findings       
5.3        Conclusion                                          
5.4        Suggestion for Further Findings              
5.5        Recommendations                                       
Conflict can be described as a “type of behaviour which occurs when two or more parties are in opposition or battle as a result of a provide relative deprivation from the activities of interacting with another person or group.
The two basic philosophical assumptions that underline in an organization are as follows:
1.     That man wants to enjoy egalitarianism
2.     That man is a selfish being
These two assumptions are conflicting to each other while the first assumption upholds that man is a selfish being by nature which gross to say that man thinks of betterment of himself first.
He on the second proportion work forward to a world where everybody is equal etc. A world where people think of the benefit of all. There is two opposing goals therefore keep man in a state of disequilibria and interfere with man’s ability to work harmoniously with employees. As a result conflict is said to over-existing or ever present.
As long as we agree with the fact that no two peoples are the same and at the same time being to either in an organization different individual to perform different may roles the achievement of the set organizational objectives. Due to roles difference, it may clash leading to conflict individual objective running counter wither organizational objectives. We shall at this point quiet a renowned religious preacher, politician and ideologist, Rev. Jersey Jackson of the United State of America, who once said during one of his campaign speeches. We are not perfect human beings but we have been called upon to perform perfect duty. Jersey Jackson therefore understood from the on set that conflict will always exist but that should not stop man from performing his duties. The advice is that we should therefore seek to minimize conflict. His interpretation of the word WEALTH POSITION AND POER, is quite district of the ordinary man’s. This is because this came as a duty amongst important being. For that reason, wealth for him is meant for sharing ment for higher productively by ‘corporation’ the research means the collective power of the individual’s participating in it (i.e. synergistic affect).
Therefore knowing fully well that conflict is bound to exist in all forms of organization. Manager must have foresight to be able to determine the future or unforeseen circumstance.  As he knows no two persons are the same but are called to do the same work in the organization so conflict must arise. So experience managers compiled with hard work would make his decision certain. This attendant knowledge and skillful application of management principles is necessary at this stage.
Organizations in Nigeria have not been able to achieve their objective of either profit minimization or maximization of shareholders wealth as a result of industrial conflict. The government functions businessman the media and the general public are characterized by inefficiency, favoritism unfriendly attitude to their position meant dignity for all while power was to services and not for dominance as the ordinary earthly man felt. While Christ was postulating on these ideologies and bringing about the partially realized transformation in the word the ordinary man for his selfish nature felt that wealth was unquestionable a significance determinate of social class since wealth provides the means to pursue a life style unattainable by those without wealth on his opposing view and others gave rise to the highest conflict which Christ met on the cross “the crucifixion”.
Conflict arose in the life of Christ because he was considered a rebel in the land of his birth. The researcher used bible to interpret that study because it carries a great lesson as far as conflict is concern.
Manager as the prime movers of our industrial, organization should through the adaptation and understanding of the individuals situation understand the force that could create tension in an organization and adapt such measure that would give rise to co-operation and conductive environment customer has in one way or other led to conflict between employers and employees and between employers and union which in turn gave rise to the following:           
-       Production stop age
-       How galactic products
-       Industrial strike
The purpose of this study is to examine the causes of organizational conflicts and its effects on organizational performance, it specifically tries to examine in detail, the causes, types, effects and recommend various strategies on how to resolve organizational conflict to enhance organizational performance and it will also inspire managers to develop appropriate strategies on how to manage conflicts in their organization effectively.
These are the questions we intend to answer;
1.   What are the causes of conflict in an organization e.g. First Bank?
2.   Why do conflict occur in an organization?
3.   Why is conflict inevitable in an organization?
4.   Can an amicable resolution of conflict in an organization give rise to improvement of workers moral and productivity in the organization?
The research will be of great benefit to First Bank of Nigeria Plc customers and other organization both private enterprises.
The study will be very important to other researchers mostly to students.
This research will be of great benefit to the Nigerians and other countries that has the effect.
The scope of the study will be very wide if it has to be carried out in all the organization in Nigeria. The study is limited based on the fact that there is no money to cover the whole nation. There is also the problem of time constraint. Therefore the study is limited to First Bank of Nigeria Plc Enugu main branch.
Some of the terms used in this study are define as shown below:
Conflict: This means dispute or difference among people.
Egalitarianism: This means equality i.e. were everybody is equal.
Disequilibria: This means lack of unbalance.
Discrimination: Treating a person or group (worst) than other.
Interference: This means to intrude i.e. to get in the way of another.
Ambiguous: This means something that is too much difficult to understand.
Stagnation: This means when something is not growing or moving.
Perception: Quick to notice
Antagonism: Active opposition between two persons.
Erroneous: Incorrect statement.


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