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This investigation is centered  on the Impact of Leadership style’s on employee’s Performance on Ideato North  L.G.A in Imo State.
This chapter two of this research work is viewed on It’s historical economic and  socio-cultural development and comparative attempts geared towards eradication of monstrous performance  of the employees and bad leadership aspect of the leaders  in various local government in Nigeria.
The chapter three of this work deals with the prolonged neglect and laissez faire attitude of Nigeria government (both military and  civilian) has resulted to abysmal performance of both the leaders and employees in Nigeria local  government.
The chapter four of this project deals with poor  performance that made or causes rural urban drift from the local areas to urban cities in search of better living abandoning the rural economic activities to the detriment of both the people and government  at large.
The fifth  chapter which happens to be the last and not the least which deals with Ideato North Local government  council of Imo State has  consequences or  chestrated by this poor performance of both the leaders and the employees the continuous economic retardation and poor  standard of living ushered  in this economic phenomenon  is meticulously addressed in this work. The  effect and causes and lasting solution to this problem are explicitly analyses  and the strict   application of this endearing solution will jump start the economic  development of Ideato North Local Government of Imo State.
Chapter one: Introduction
1.1              Background of the study                                           
1.2              Theoretical framework                                               
1.3              Statement of the problem                                          
1.4              Objective of the study                                               
1.5              Research Question                                         
1.6              Significance of the study                                           
1.7              Scope and limitation  of the study                             
Chapter two
Literature Review
2.0       Concept of Leadership style                                      
2.1       Types of leadership                                                    
2.2              The social and  Economic effect  of
            leadership styles in Ideato L.G.A Council    
2.3              A human relations approach as a
             leadership styles in Ideato North L.G.A      
2.4              The Challenging problems  of productivity
             in Ideato North L.G.A                                    
Chapter  Three
3.1       The design of the study                                 
3.2       The Area of The study                                   
3.3       Population of the study                                 
3.4       Sample and Sampling Techniques                 
3.5       Instrument  of data  collection                       
3.6       Validation of instrument                                
3.7       Method of Data Analysis                              
Chapter four
4.1       Data Presentation and Analysis                     
4.1       Data Presentation                                           
4.2         Interpretation of Data                                  
4.3       Data Analysis                                     
Chapter Five
Summary, recommendation and conclusion
5.1              Summary
5.2              Recommendation
5.3              Conclusion
5.4              Suggestion for further study
                                    CHAPTER ONE
Leadership  style is a method  of administration adopted by Individual organization  or group of people to pilot the affairs of their employees to ensure  effectiveness and efficiency in the organization.
This is also a way and manager leaders or manner of different organization choose to run their administration to achieve  the organizational goals.
        According to Akanwa (1998) he pointed out styles  of leadership: Authoritative style, This is also called dictatorship. This type or style  of leadership consider no opinion of the led. He went to mention democratic style  laisaz  fair  style etc.
        According to Blessing .N. Onyemesim (2008) She pointed out what is known as Likerts kinking pin system or style by “ (2004).  The approaches  are  exploitive  system  benevolent system,  consultative  and participative  styles: these are styles of leadership for the purpose of it’s  s et goal.
        As already mentioned above leadership style is a method by which management of individual organization carries out it’s administrative or managerial function in an organization or order to actualize the organizational objectives.
        Leadership styles in Ideato north Local government council is the administrative pattern, which it has adopted to plan. Organize co-ordinate, control and direct it’s employees to ensure effectiveness, efficiency and viability
In it’s  area of jurisdiction.
Ideato North Local Government council was created  on 28th June 1991 out of Ideato local government (now Ideato North). It  comprise of Nine autonomous   communities such as Uruala Osina, Akpula,  Isi okwe and Umualaoma, Arondizuogu, Ndi uche  ndi Amazi Ndi Okoro.
        As a new Local Government, Ideato-North Local government had It’s first election in 1991 which was won by Hon Sunday Ogbonorji  under the umbrella of social Democratic  party (SDP) during  this period, before  the annulment of the 1993 presidential election, Sunday Obguorji employed 75 workers  in the local government council of Ideato North.
        After  Ogbunorji regime, Mrs Grace Okoro was made the care taker chairman and she led up to two  years.
        In 1996,Abacha started his  transitioned  to civil rules and organized zero  party  election which brought  in Hon. Chukwudozie Onuekwma as the executive chairman from 1996-1977. In this same 1997, five (5) political parties were formed by Abacha regime which brought in Barrister Irem Livinus under the shade of National  center party (NCP) he stayed only one year because of Abacha’s death in  1998. Hon Nweke was appointed as the transition chairman
        After  the death of Abacha, Abdusalami Abubakar took over and handed over to civilian within or after 9 months as he promised. After that, three (3)  political parties were  formed and Ideato north local government  council was led by people’s Democratic party (PDP).Hon Okoro uduma as the chairman from 199-2003., After  that, uchenna  Chukwu was appointed as the caretaker chairman  which lasted 7 months and he contested and won the election. Under the platform of people Democratic party  (PDP). After his tenure, another (PDP) candidate won as the chairman of Ideato North local government council by Eluka Chigozie who is still the chairman till date.
        With  the above narration , we c an notice that Ideato North Local Government Chairman both appointed and elected. And  the number if employees and they  employed are respectively stated below:.
Sunday Ogbuorji         75employees
Mrs. Grace Okoro                95 employees
Chukwudozie Onukuna         35 Employees
Nweke                               120 employees
Okoro  Uduma                    75 employee
Uchenna Chukwu         no employment yet.
 As listed above, they had their respective way of leadership styles, which contributed both the growth and downfall of I’deato north local government council’s social; and economic development.
        In I’deato north local government council, since its birth, the government of different regimes has ceaselessly fashioned out one policy or the other as well as programmers tailored toward uplifting the standard of the living of the people as well welfare through policies in education, labour, health, employment and human development made by, federal government. But due to different styles of leadership, the aim of some programmes and policies were achieved and some were not achieved.
 Some of the programmers that could not be achieved are: health policy, human development and employment.
        Health, which is defined by world health organization (who) as a state of complete physical, mental and social well been and not merely the absence of diseases or infirmity. This could not be achieved because of nepotism using people who are not qualified to carry out such technical programme like immunization and giving injection to babies of under age and this is as a result of mismanagement of personnel and due to biased leader.
        Human development due to laissez faire leadership style, and corruptive nature of leaders, they could not bring out money to train their manpower to meet up with the changing technology, so, it make’s the local government council to lack adequate manpower.
        Employment, in some regimes, due to laissez faire leadership style and corruption nature of some leaders, they could not bring out money to train their man power to meet up with the changing technology, so it makes the local government council to lack adequate resources.
 Human development due to non-utilization of human resource or more correctly, that part of labour force which is available, capable and willing of productive employment, they give or offer employment under who knows or you from whose hand and this brings red-tapism and inefficiency because this is a situation where the merited one’s are employed rather than those who are not qualified because of nepotism or tribalism.
 The major cause of them not being able to achieve some of the policies or program is because of the type of leadership style they adopted. They adopted laissez faire system of leadership style, which means that there is freedom of choice as to what the member’s of the group would do. It presupposes that every member is mature and knows what to do and would do so even without being asked to do so. In this style, there are few rules and regulation in the hierarchy of authority.
        The workers do work without any directive or procedure. The leader is essential tolerant, a mere figolhead and this is why they could employ without checkmating the employees to know whether they are productive or not.
        This type of leadership increase red-tapism ghost workers and other nasty activities that could spoil some good efforts few people will be making.
        Ideato north local government council is 19 years old and has been led or ruled by 6 local government chairman, they have done so much especially in the side of education. Education being conceived as the most important direct means of upgrading the human intellect and skills for productive engagement
        Ideato (now Ideato North) local government council is blessed with fertile soil, they are among the producing product such as cassava, garri in the state which is called cassava, garri, yam in quantity and this helps the parent to take care of their children on school.
        The habitants of ideato north were not well known scholars before or traders or government workers rather their major occupation was farming but now they have many graduates, barristers, chief judges etc. but still it needs proper management of resources so as to bring farm mechanize their farming system in order to increase productivity and ensure efficiency
 There are total of 368 workers in Ideato local government council. 28 management members and 40 senior staff, 35 middle management or supervisory and 265 junior staff.
The researcher takes his theoretical framework from the perspective on types of leadership and how it affects the employee’s performance.
        Akanwa(1998) view leadership as a process of influence on a group in a particular situation, at a given point in time and in a specific set of circumstance that stimulate people to strive willingly to attain organizational objectives.
 Koontz et al (1980) saw leadership as influence, the art or process of influencing people so that they will strive willingly towards the achievement of group goals.
 According to Ray Njoku (2008) view leadership as the act or process of influencing people in a positive way so that they are willing to corporate with the leader to achieve organizational goals.
        From the above theories, it becomes clear that leadership is the process of influencing others towards the accomplishment of goals. It is the ability of the manager to influence induces his sub ordinates to work with influence.
        This approach is relevant to this study because of the anonymities and bureaucratic nature of Nigerian government. It will help to employ the zealous and merited workers who are willing to work effectively for efficiency and drop the lack adaisical ones.
A critical observation has depicted that the leadership style of ideato north local government council of Imo state has reached it’s alarming stage. The leadership style is one of the monsters that distort greatly in the social-economic development council. The astronomical increase in the leadership styles has diminished the general progress and welfare of local government council.
        The style of leadership adopted by different administrators of ideato north local government council have contributed to rising and downfall of ideato north local government economy especially the side of human resources management which is the key point of economic and social development.
        The laissez faire and democratic leadership styles operated in Ideato local government council made some personnel to be free and it as also caused red-tapism and increased ghost workers because there is delegation of authority and free hand given to them without much law or rules attached.
        This research has been carried out to know the problems or the impact of leadership styles on employee performance in ideato local government council and to find solution to the problems
The objective of the study is to critically ascertain the impact of the leadership styles on the performance of the employees in Ideato local government council in Imo state and find a lasting solution.
        Another objective is also to find society especially the young youths and then re direct their minds into effective leadership styles.
H0: laissez faire leadership style does not cause social and economic under development.
 H1: mediocrity does not cause ineffectiveness and inefficiency in an organization.
H2: red-tapism does not hinder organization progress.
This study is significant because it will restructure the minds of Ideato north politicians and will also touch the employer to employ mostly the dedicated and diligent workers or employees to enhance productivity. It will also help to unveil the core cause of the ineffectiveness leadership style in ideato north local government in Nigeria.
        This study will examine the problems of the leaders in ideato north local government, their method of employment and workers who are responsible for inefficiency in Imo state.
        This study will also serve as a reference material to future leaders and workers of ideato north local government and it will all intensify the effort on how to avert the creation of shortage of money allocated or being allocated to the local government from the federation account.


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