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The role of a manager in a small business organization is so vital that for any small business organization such as inter-personal, information and co-coordinating roles must be integrated to ensure the betterment of the organization.
It acts as a lubricant for the wheels of small business economic development and nation
More over, effective role of a manager has contributed to the increase in the organizational productivities and their income, which will ensure the continuity of the organization
Besides, some managers have also contributed to the detriment of the organization by some dubious character exhibited by them., for instance, wrong uses of funds, pilferage frauds and failure activate their working abilities.
In fact, the government should recognize the importance of small business organization sector because when they are firmly established, the, nation is built up, so it is advisable for the  government to help in strategies in which this ugly situation of things are solved immediately.
1.0        Introduction
1.1       Backgrounds.  
1.2       Statement of study
1.3       Problem that the study will be concerned with
1.4       The importance of studying the area
1.5       Definition of terms
2.0    literature review
2.1      The origin of the subject area
2.2      The school of thought within the subject area
2.3      The school of relevant to the problem study
2.4      The different methods of studying the problem
2.5       Summary
3.0    presentation, Analysis and interpretation of datA
3.1      Analysis date
3.2      Findings
3.3      Recommendations
3.4      Conclusion
3.5      Reference
1.1                 BACKGOUND OF THE STUDY
This study is set to investigate the role of Small Business Organizations with a case of study on Bilo Tex Trading and Construction Company Nig LTD based in Enugu State. By investigation, this company has been established six years ago and has four sections; the personal section, construction, production and marketing sections. It engages in the production of keys,  tanks, gates and aluminum.
Based on the study, a manager is the person who holds a management position and who performs the process of management, or one who occupies management position and performs organizational functions of management.
            In the same view, (NWEKE 1952) in his book supports that a manager is that integrates all functions of management, such as planning, organizing, motivating and controlling to achieve an organizational goal or objective which the organization was established upon.
 His position is of leadership, his work is more leading, therefore, this two things are related and their relationship can be expressed as the responsibilities of a manager in the following classification-management as a position and management as a job or activity.
            More so, the management by the classification of management occupies administration position (top level) managing director or general manager, the operative position (the workers) these groups are all involved in the accomplishment of the organizations example complementing a batch order, meeting a sales quota, assembling financial data etc, are the duties of production, supervisors, sales supervisors. finance officer and a certain technical staff, when an operative manager performs the work of management, performs the work of administrative and management of the activities are known as and operative management
In other words, the middle management position, the  perform both the administrative and operative manager, the proportion of each performance depends upon the degree of decentralization of the firm, talking of business its size and particular philosophy.
Management as a job or activity undertakes decision making, the process of decision making is one deciding the course of action and that of solving business problems.
There are two types of personnel decision which a businessman makes as he seeks to maximize his own income valve or pleasure.
And management decision affects not only the welfare of the manager but other benefits accruing to other persons connected with the organization. secondary, job co-ordination has to do with a manager’s responsibility for planning and physical factors in an organization.
The purpose of co-dination is to link the company together as a unified whole. Then planning, organizing and control reveal or explain the exact nature of the work of a manager. The activities of planning, organizing and controlling are called the organic function management.
The interrelation between the four function e.g planning, organizing, motivative and controlling the managers use these activities solely for the purpose , of reaching organizational goals or objectives. For explanation, organizing is based on well though-out motivating systems must be tailored to reflect both these plans and the organization design used to implement the plan.
So, the role of a manager in a small business organization is a pattern of actions expected to the manager in activities involving others. And it reflects a person’s position as a social system geared towards goal achievement of the organization. Goal of the organization must be sold at a lower price. Profit cannot be the goal, instead profit must be by product.
            So, the manager’s role is  the cornerstone of the organization because without his absolute co-odination of the enterprises, there will be no work done.
Mostly  importantly, the manager imposes some trends or problem in his such as managerial capabilities in handing records kept by the management then wrong uses of funds etc. the possible solutions such as training of employees, and managers, are for the improvement of the small business organization.
13                THE STATEMENT OF PROBLEM
The role of a manager in the current or the present day societies in the managerial system is geared towards effective and efficient achievement of their basic goal of profit maximization.
Again, the road leading to goal attainment has been obstructed by many factors for instance, Bilo tex trading and construction company  (Nig) ltd, Enugu.which is being used problems like inadequate staff training, poor record keeping in efficient managerial ability and lack of good communication network.. These are the militating factors against the good and efficient role of the manager. For this reason, the researchers now want to find out why this ugly situation should not stop.
1.         To identify the role manager in small business organization
2.         To ascertain if presence of managers matters in small business.
3.         If lack of good communication network matter in small business
4.         if attainment of the problem will help to enhance the performance of small organization  
1.5       Research Question
1.      Does managers play important role in small business s
2.      Does inadequate findings hinder the operational system of the organization?
3.      Is your organization after the employees bonus or allowances that motivate them in their job?
4.      Distribution on whether the organization carry out Training Managers and employees.
5.      Does your organization depend on making of profit alone?
1.6       SCOPE OF THE STUDY  
The scope is focused on the Enugu metropolis were Bilo. Tex Trading and construction Company Nig Ltd. is located because of nearness to school and due to some limitations that hinder adequate research work, such as finance, that is (money) to carry out the necessary work and also the time limit, caused by short academic year or period, Bilo Tex Trading and Construction Company Nig. Ltd. Has encountered problems like inadequate staff training, poor record keeping, inefficient management ability and lack of good communication network has militated against the good and efficient role of the manager. And how to solve this problem is by training their staff to became perfect, keeping good communication network within the staff and their subordinates.
Again, the sufficiency of interaction peculiar to the role of managers is not available too; instead, the researchers used books by different authors for reviewing the roles of managers.
The research work has to cover only Enugu state because of those trends mentioned above.
Over the years, the role a manager has been the order of the day in any small business organization. It has reached a crises situation, where some business organizations have suffered bankruptcy of workers’ duties. So, this study specially designed for those distressed small business organizations in the state  and other localities so as to comprehend the reasons of insolvency of the organizations.
Again, the work will also be of good benefit to those who want to establish any small business enterprises so as to know the right way to follow.
Finally, it is hoped that this research would be of great benefit to managers who would want to explore more on the role of managers in a small business firm. Since those problems have been deducted through the use of the role of manager, those problems have been reduced to a bearable number.
i.                    Research: This is an investigation undertake in order to discover new facts or get additional information.
ii.         Literature review:  It is a process of reviewing what other researcher or another has done previously and also finding out the introduced idea.
iii.                Education: This is the systematic training or instruction given either orally or written, it is of two types formal and informal.
iv.                Goal: point making the end of a role, that is to say objective or aim.
v.                  Role: A person’s duty is undertaking, role reflects a person’s position in the social system.      


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