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Veterinary Medicine Project Topics with Materials:

ABSTRACT Prevalence and distribution of bluetongue virus (BTV) antibodies in sheep and goats in Sokoto State are reported. This study aimed to determine the prevalence of BTV antibodies and to identify the potential risk factors associated with BTV infection among sheep and goats in Sokoto State, Nigeria. A total of 368 blood samples were... Continue Reading
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dth: 0px; '> Gonadal and extragonadal sperm reserves of 12 Yankasa rams aged 18-24 months, were determined following experimental Fasciola gigantica infection over a 12 week study period. Seven out of the 12 rams serving as the infected group were orally inoculated with 800 Fasciola gigantica metacercariae while the remaining 5 rams serving as... Continue Reading
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