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ABSTRACT This is the fact that under proper management of economic policies, multinational corporations are the bed rock for developing countries and national integration as it provide greater opportunities by exploration and discovery of our major mineral resources were made possible by the MNCS(Multinational Corporations).  And also, our major... Continue Reading
TABLE OF CONTENT Cover page Title page   Approval page Dedication   Abstract   Acknowledgment Table of content   CHAPTER ONE 1.0     Introduction 1.1     Background of the research 1.2     Statement of the problem 1.3     Objectives of the study 1.4     Significance of... Continue Reading
HISTORY OF MILITARY INTERVENTION AND ADMINISTRATION IN NIGERIA (1984-1998) CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY The bedrock for military coups and leadership in Nigeria and many other countries slowly corroded as a result of the pressure mounted on political belief that people of different social classes, religions, races, etc should... Continue Reading
CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY The bedrock for military coups and leadership in Nigeria and many other countries slowly corroded as a result of the pressure mounted on political belief that people of different social classes, religions, races, etc should... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The established features of democracy with its provision of the constitution that regulates the behaviors of both the ruling government and citizens, as enshrined in the constitution had positioned the ultimate principle that political power belong to the entire people and not restricted to the few representatives of the government. The... Continue Reading
THE HISTORY OF LOCAL INDUSTRY IN NIGERIA: A CASE STUDY OF LEATHER WORK IN OYO TOWN ABSTRACT History has become the studies of the relevant past event to rectify the present problems. This research work therefore tried to study the history of local industry in Nigeria a case study of leather work in Oyo town, there problems and the solution to the... Continue Reading
CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY For a start, I argue that colonialism, slave trade and missionaries are the pioneers of Western civilization in Africa. This is true to the extent that colonialism serves as a vehicle of... Continue Reading
A HISTORY ANALYSIS OF NATIONAL ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT  AND DEVELOPMENT STRATEGY (NEEDS) AND HER CONTRIBUTION TO POVERTY ALLEVIATION IN NIGERIA TABLE OF  CONTENTS CHAPTER ONE 1.1      Introduction 1.2      Objectives of the Study 1.3      The Significance of the Study 1.4      The Scope and Limitation of the Study 1.5     ... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT Violence in general terms has been a cancerous disease that has continued to eat deep into the fabric of our society. Religious violence has for long hampered growth, unity and development in our society and our country at large. The conflicts had been studied by various scholars in an effort to reconstruct the genesis of the whole issue... Continue Reading
CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION TRADITIONAL BACKGROUND AND EARLY HISTORY 1.1. INTRODUCTION The Igala Kingdom i s locat ed at the angle form ed by the river Niger and Benue at the right of the confluence of the two rivers. The area of the kingdom is about 160 kilometers long and approximately about 120 square kilometers wide, giving an overall area of... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This study attempts to reconstruct the history of Yoruba migrants in Dutsin-ma local government from 1976-2015. The essence is to interrogate and explain the forms and dynamics of intergroup relations between the Yoruba migrant group and the host community. The study employed a historical methodology in investigating the forms of... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This work examines the History of Muslims-Christian activities among the Igala people of Ankpa Local Government Area of Kogi State, from 1979 to 1992. The work examines the activities of Christians and Muslims. It also shows the relationship between all the religions that exist in the area since 1979 and ends up in 1992. The work defines... Continue Reading
PROPOSAL INTRODUCTION The abolition of slave trade in 1807 by the Houses of Parliament in London which enacted legislation prohibiting British subject from participating in the slave trade. The French who had already abolished slave trade after the French Revolution, although she later... Continue Reading
PREFACE This work is an attempt to trace the History of Aguata Local Government Area of Anambra state. In this attempt, the various stages of  Local Governments in Igboland and their attendant characteristics have been dealth with.                Moreso, in the course of the research, the desire for local government reforms in... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT In recent years, the cartoon genre has gained considerable research interest,from all disciplines. Perhaps one of the sternest yet satirical forms of communicating in modern times is cartoon. The term cartoon refers first to metaphorical codification, and second to a satirical or humorous genre through which an artist subtly informs,... Continue Reading
(no subject) P Prof Yaweh to lamifilibus Feb 11, 2017 Details ABSTRACT The history of migration and settlement of most ethnic groups in Nigeria, have generated bond of contention among scholars because of variation in the history. The Kuteb people also have different version of stories regarding their origin and migration to their present... Continue Reading
CHAPTER ONE GENERAL INTRODUCTION 1. 1. Background of the Study Otuo which is located in the present Owan East Local Government Area of Edo State migrated from Benin (Edo) between 1480 and 1504(Ogholugbo Union, Lagos Branch).Otuo is a town of six component areas with twelve quarters (edogbes).They migrated in companies and have six principal... Continue Reading
INTRODUCTION History is an important school subject which conveys invaluable lessons from the past and whose worth transcends regional, national and cultural boundaries. However, effective teaching and learning history in Nigerian Universities has long been blighted by problems and challenges that have often gone unaddressed. This problems and... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT There are few researches on the role of military institutions in Nigeria, and therefore, military history is still at infancy in the Nigerian historiography. This research is therefore an attempt to re-construct the history of Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) from 1964-2006. The NDA was established in 1964 and charged with the role of... Continue Reading
CHAPTER ONE ABSTRACT The idea of pet projects by Nigerian former first lady Mariam Babangida was borne out of the fact that there was need for them to help in the administration of the  nation and to also aid in assisting her husband. This project extensively analyses the... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This study has examined the history of Kaduna State Agricultural Development Project (KADP) in Kaduna State. The study found out that the activities of KADP have impact on lives of the Kaduna State indigenous farmers who were known to be traditional farmers. They heavily relied on subsistence farming for a couple of centuries. However,... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT Education is the bedrock and key to any nation’s national development. However, with the general standard of education in Nigerian Public Primary and Secondary Schools, there has been the demand for more schools to come in to compliment government efforts in the education sector through provision and delivering of high standard, quality... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This research is an attempt to reconstruct the History of Indigenous Industries under Colonial Rule in Daura District 1903-1960. To ascertain the effect of colonial rule on indigenous industries. However, prior to colonial administration the indigenous technological advancement especially blacksmiths, leather works, pottery, textile... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The aim of this study is to trace the history and development of Lagooz College, Orile Agege, Lagos State from 2005 to 2011, in order to justify its existence since its establishment in 2005. This project also reveals their short comings and thereby make recommendations where necessary for future development. The study is divided into... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This study focused on the problem militating against teaching and learning of history as a subject. The role of history to nation building is indispensable to the society. History as a discipline occupies a prominent pace in... Continue Reading
TABLE OF CONTENTS CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION Background of the Study Objectives of the Study Scope and Limitation of the Study Research Methodology Literature Review Notes and References CHAPTER ONE THE OWU IN THE CONTEXT OF YORUBA HISTORY... Continue Reading
“THE IMPACT OF CENTRAL BANK OF NIGERIA PRUDENTIAL GUIDELINES ON THE FINANCIAL STATEMENT OF LICENSED: A CASE STUDY OF FIRST BANK OF NIGERIA PLC AND UNION BANK OF NIGERIA PLC”. ABSTRACT The prudential guidelines for licensed banks which are based on globa banking standards, imposed far-reaching requirements in the classification of risk assets... Continue Reading