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            Communication in a business organization is as important as the organization itself. It often follows communication is an instrument for achieving the organization goals.
Communication helps to co-ordinate the activities in the various section and department of an organization as well as between the organization and the outside, to achieve corporate goals or objectives.
The research therefore intends in the x-ray the role or importance which effective communication, as an essential management tool can play towards the realization of organization goals.
The study also intends to reveal the problems that will arise if communication is neglected, the process of communication, method of communication and how to improve organizational communication.
1.                              INTRODUCTION                                                                       
            General background to the subject matter.           
            Problems associated with the subject matter.                   
            Problems that study will be concerned with.        
            The importance of studying the area.                   
            Definition of important terms.                              
            (Chapter) Reference [Using Apa method
LITERATURE REVIEW                              
2.1 The origin of the subject area.                               
2.2 Schools of thought within the subject area.                      
2.3 The school of thought relevant to the problem of study.
2.4 Different methods of studying the problem.        
2.5 Summary.                                                              
2.6 References.                                               
3. CONCLUSION                                                     
3.1 Data presentation                                      
3.2 Analysis of the data                                                          
3.3 Recommendation                                                  
3.4 Conclusion                                                                                    
3.5 References.                                                                                   
Communication in a business organization is as important as the organization itself.
Various studies of managements at all levels consistently reveal that most of the manager’s spent most of their time in communication either sending or receiving information.
            Firstly, there is need to know what communications all about.
Some social scientists defined it as the act of sending and receiving message.
It is a mutual exchange of thoughts, opinion or emotions that requires presentation and reception resulting in common understanding among all parties.
Communication is the expression of thoughts feelings, ideas, observation etc. It is also the process of feeling a sense  of feeling a sense of belonging, to get what you want and give what you want  and give what you  have and to maintain balanced awareness and perspective activities in society, it makes possible for interpersonal understanding and relationships, group association, and administration, transmission of culture, domestic and international, trade, public relation advertisings. It is absolutely essential activity in the life of  every person, even the deaf and dumb and the blind. Communication is the process of exchanging ideas of messages and creating meanings between two or more people through any possible means.
Communication can only be said to have occurred when it reflects in the mind of the decider the true image of the thoughts convey by the sender and hence elicits the desired response.
Communication is the life wire of organization, without it organization cannot function at all.
It is therefore absolutely necessary that one recognizes not importance of communication but also the type of importance of communication required for successful business activity in any business organization.
In discussing a topic like this, it is appropriate to cover a range of problem that will arise, if communication is neglects.
But the importance of communication in an organization is to a achieve high productivity in the organization. The importance cannot be over emphasized. If management does not take proper steps  to impose a frame work for communication, in that organization the systems will develops faults, which  may be dysfunctional for the entire organization.
Besides, any organization that neglects the importance of communication will face the following  problems.
-          Financial losses
-          Poor management
-          C onflicts and misunderstanding among workers, managers and management.
-          Rumors
-          Planning and researching problem
-          Low productivity.
Any time there is problem in any of communication process such as the sender, the message, the medium, the receiver and feedback, clarity of meaning and understanding, the organization is likely to face some problem.
This study will be concerned with the problem, which can impede the process of communication, resulting in communication breakdown.
These problem  include:
        i.            Wrong organization structure: When several layers exist in an organization structure, this is a considerable distance between workers and top management. Transmission of message along the line may undergo the process of “ filtering” thereby altering the meaning.
      ii.            Lack of facilities for effective communication:  The importance of communication in an organization pis to ahieve high productivity in the oranisation, which will result in high profit making.
In Nigeria,  many organizations does not recognize the need for improving their communication facilitated or equipment to meet the challenges of the society.
This actually reduces the productivity of the worker in the organization; they refer causing  more  harm than good in the organization building.
Iii         Lack of planning to communicate: Communication needs proper planning especially in an organization in an organization. Whenever a new directive is to be given, we should have sufficient reasons to justify it.
With this are able to carry your  followers along. We have to select the most appropriate channel of communication. The choice of a channel is very crucial because you should have the background of your audience in mind. Let us take the campaign against the spread of AIDS examine. It would be inappropriate to use the written medium in relatively rural and illiterate communities.
Iv         Distortion in the communication process: In Shannon and weaver’s model we will see the connection of noise which we referred to as any form of interference, disruption or distortion in the communication process.
Having obtained some of the communication problems likely to be experienced in any organization, this research will be channeled towards investigating this company “PAL BREWERIES” NIGERIA LIMITED OKO ANAMBRA STATE”. So the importance of this study are  as follows.
1.                  Stimulating the knowledge of the management of the organization towards the proper process and importance of communication in order to increase its productivity.
2.                  This study will help the management to know the different type and process communication. To enable them select the one that will easier for their workers.
3.                  This study will also inform the management the consequences of wrong organizational structure.
4.                  This study will  examine the extent to which there is a balance between vertical and horizontal communication.
5.                  This study will find out whether communication binds together all staff in an organization.
The following communication terms are defined as communication. It is sending and receiving information, such as feelings, ideas, observation, message etc.
Decoder: Is the person with idea, message and intention to transfer to other person or persons.
Feed back: It is the decoder responds to encoder, showing that he/she received and understood the information properly.
Horizontal Communication: IS the crosswise same communication which flows between the people on the same organizational level, who have on divas reporting relationship.
Jargos: It is a special form of terminology used by an organization or particular group of people.
Message: It is the subject matter, the stimulus, thoughts, and attitudes, ideas which the encoder transmits to the decoder.
Noise: It is the factors that always  disturb the intended message in our communication system.
Oral communication: It is a communication where words voice-out. It could be face to face or by telephone conversation.
Vertical communication: It is upward and downward flow of information. The communication flows between people on different organizational level but have divas reporting relationship.
Written communication: It is the translation oral messages to alphabetic symbols.
Written communication can be used in personal and business letters, in issuing and answering queries, in reports,  memos, and circular, in essays and creative writing, in drawing up proposals as well as designing questionnaires etc.
External communication: It is communication between the organization and its customers.


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