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 The research project is strictly embarked upon finding how public relation as an aid to successful government business administration (A case study of ESBS Enugu)
It is the aim of this research work successful government business administration.  This research work has five chapters.
Chapter one contains a general discussion of public relation as seen by different people.  It studied and why this study was carried out, the scope and limitation of the study and finally the definition of terms.
A number of past-related literature examined by the other strides as it relates to public relation and it activities are highlighted in chapter two.
Chapter three deals with the design of the study, the method used in collecting relevant data.  It also deals with the way the questionnaire were distributed and the treatment of data.
The data got from the research survey were analyzed and interpreted also similar question on questionnaires were compared in chapter four.  Based on following findings were made.
 1.                  That public relation bring awareness of a product to the public
2.                  That public relation is important in ESBS
3.                  That public relation improve communication between people and the public
4.                  That effective public relation enhance increase in demand
5.                  That public organization use public relation at their advantage.
 From the following these recommendation were made
1.                  That public relation department should be established in every business venture.
2.                  Public relations serve as a motivation of consumers.
3.                  Public relation are made up pf publicity relation is an aid successful government business administration
In conclusion, it is necessary for all organization to readily publicize relation department to ensure the publicity of their product service or business unit.
1.1              Introduction
1.2              Statement of problem
1.3              Objective of the study
1.4              Research question
1.5              Research hypothesis
1.6              Significance of study
1.7              Scope of study
1.8              Limitation of study
1.9              Definition of terms
2.0       Literature review
2.1              An over view of public relation
2.2              Development in public relation
2.3              Practice in Nigeria
2.4              The role of public relation in marketing management.
2.5              The tools of public relation
2.6              Problems of public relation
2.7              Public relation in ESBS
3.0       Research design and methodology
3.1       Research design
3.2       Area of the study
3.3       Population of the study
3.4       Sample and sampling procedure
3.5       Instrument for data collection
3.6       Validation of the instrument
3.7       Reliability of the instrument
3.8       Method of the data collection
3.9       Method of the data analysis
4.0       Presentation analysis and interpretation
4.1       Presentation and analysis of data
4.2       Test of hypothesis
5.0       Discussion recommendation & conclude
5.1       Discussion of result finding
5.2       Conclusion
5.3       Recommendation
The term public relation has already been defined from different perspective by different authors.
Nwokoye (1984) defined public relation as the activities of a cooperation union, government or other organization in building and marketing sound and productive relation with special public such as customer, employed or stock holder and with the public at large so as to adapt itself to its environment and interpret itself to society.
Busch and Houston (1995) define public relation as the management of an organization designed to elicit from one or more public a general positive feeling towards the organization and its product.  Busch and Houston further stated the “public relation is management function which evaluate public attitude identifies policies and procedure of an individual or an organization with the public interest and executes a programmer of action to earn public understanding and acceptance”.
Ajalav (1992) opinion that public relation is the totally of an organization or individual performance aimed at earring public favorability which results in continued growth, mutually beneficial to the organization or individual and the society which it operates.
The special section the (marketing/commercial) department was to publicize and popularize the work of the marketing board.
Form the main fact Enugu state broadcasting service (ESBS) and all other institute or form can do nothing without effective public relation in other word, every industry depends mainly for its efficiency and success and mentally understanding the organization and its public. In effective public relation also serves as a form through which the limited liability companies expose, promote defend and obtain good will
In an inquisitive society like ours, it is necessary for corporation like (ESBS) to readily public its activities so as to negate insulation.  Even in buying and selling concepts, public relation is a major instrument used to inform middle men employee and customers about what the company is doing to improve their product and grants, intimate them with new strategies and extent of achievements.
Public relation as an aid to a successful business administration aimed at breaking the unfriendly relation between the company will find it difficult not to solve the customers problem manufacturer and service provider are now aware that public relation does not only ensure good relation with the public but strive toward increasing customers patronage.
The Enugu state broadcasting service or today was opened 1st Oct 1960 marketing the Nigeria independence and was then called Eastern Nigeria Broadcasting Corporation (ESBS) At  the end of civil was in 1970, the name had to change to east central broadcasting service (ESBS)
In 1975 (ESBS) has to change its name again to Anambra Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) at Onitsh and ABS11 at hill top station Ngwo.
In 1978, the television arm of the ABC become the present N.TA channel 8
In 1980 the ABC11 was opened at Onitsha as a commercial station marketing the 20th anniversary of broadcasting
In 1985 both ABC radio and ATU channel five were merged together to be known as Anambra broadcasting service (ABS) with radio, TV station at Enugu and Onitsha
Today Enugu station of the former ABS has come to be knows as Enugu state broadcasting service (ESBS) and was opened earlier 1989.
A good corporate image is usually regarded to be essential for the existence of an organization.  The success or failure of a corporation depends on its relationship with its special public consumers, employees, stockholders, government community, distributor dealers, supplies and others.
A favourable corporate image creates confidence in an organization.  There existed a need to appraise the corporate image of ESBS so as to know.
1.                  What is the corporate image of the organization.
2.                  What is the state of attitudes and beliefs their special publics towards it?
3.                  What are the public relation objectives of the organization?
4.                  Is the organization suffering from inadequate communication tools?
5.                  Lack of qualified manpower (man power problem)
6.                  No friendly relationship between the organization and the consumers
7.                  Poor press relation
The researcher is the therefore poised to highlight the problem areas and how to enforce it’s public image so as to create a favourable corporate image among special publics.
1.3              OBJECTIVE OF THE STUDY
The major objective of this study is to investigate public relation as an aid do successful government business administration specially the study will
1.                  Investigate the impact of public relation of Enugu state broad casting service
2.                  Identify how the primary roles of public relation affect the public.
3.                  Ascertain how organization can be use public relation at their advantage (ESBS).
4.                  Determine how it strives to discover and eliminate source of misunderstanding.
5.                  To find out how public relation aimed at improving the communication between people and the organization.
1.4              RESEARCH QUESTION
1.                  In what way can the impact of public relation affect organization?
2.                  Does the primary role of public relation affect the public?
3.                  Does public organization use public relation at their advantage
4.                  Does public relation improve communication between people and the organization?
1.5                      RESEARCH HYPOTHESIS
H0       Public relation activities of ESBS does not lead to customers patronage
H1       Public relation activities of ESBS lead to customers patronage
H02      The relation between the staff management and the customers are poor
H02      The relation between the staff management and the customers are not
The study of public relation is very important promotional tool in marketing or business administration.  It serves as a from through which organization expose, promote depend and even explain policies in bid to obtain, public good will and this change public negative attitude.
Through this study consumers will benefit more because they are being educated and continuously informed about the recent change.
Public relation takes the form of service to the general public or identified group of people, its objective is to establish good will towards the company on the side of the group, it could achieve this through the award of community scholarship to community children donation of development projects free city bus, rides extension of electricity all these are to the detriment of identified group, general public or consumers in particular.
Public relation helps to improve mutual understanding between the organization and its public.
1.7              SCOPE OF THE STUDY
It will be difficult to study all corporations in Enugu state not to talk of Nigeria.
The topic is limited and being concentrated in Enugu state broadcasting Enugu state. The study therefore envisage the success of public relation in marketing activities in the country public relation as an to successful business has helped in improving awareness protecting, credit abilities combating competitions evaluating sales.
Year ago, public relation as an aid to successful government business administration was not recognized at small business level but today the reverse is the case public relation has gotten a prominent position in companies.
The researcher has limited the study of public relation as an aid to successful government business administration on Enugu state broadcasting service (ESBS) Enugu.  
PUBLIC:       Public exist whenever group people is drawn together by definite interest in certain area as and has definite opinions upon matters within those area.
RELATION: It is the line between as organization and the public.
PUBLICITY:            It is communication arm of public relations.
GOVERNMENT:     Is the body of persons an institution that makes and implements its policies, conduct its public affairs and maintain law and order within its territory.
MARKETING:         It is a business activities hat developing and marketing the product, service available to the satisfaction of consumers/users and at a profit to the organization.
BUSINESS:   It is a commercial enterprises or establishment as a store
(According to new encyclopedia dictionary)
ADMINISTRATION:          It is the act of administering or the state of being administered.
  (According to new encyclopedia dictionary)
PERSPECTIVE:      It is an apparent relation between different aspects of problem.
OPIONS:        This simply means one’s view or belief towards an existing problem or fact
PROMINENT POSITION: This is a position at it’s peak or a position that is highly respected, recognized and well known.
REVERSE:      In this passage its means another way of doing or representing something
GRASSROOT:         In this passage its means the beginning scratch or the orgini of something.


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