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This research study attempts to give an in depth analysis of the impacts of effective display on consumer purchase decision for beverages in Roban stores, Enugu for the purpose of this research work, the researcher made use of data collected through primary and secondary sources such as interview, personal observation, questionnaire and review of related literature. The literatures textbooks and journals. The data collected were analyzed in analyzing the data they were first presented in tables in some cases board, then interpreted band analyst in the result obtained the finding disclosed that these one many effect of effective display on consumer purchase decision for beverages. Packaging performs some basic functions protection and convenient utility and motivation of people to buy and use properly. This research is one which show how all packaging functions are needed to successfully market consumer goods and the packaging and development of a product. In conclusion, the research empathizes display of beverages in Roban stores Enugu.
1.0   Introduction                                                               
1.1   Background of the study                                               
1.2   Statement of the Problem                                    
1.3   Objective of the study                                          
1.4   Scope of the study                                                      
1.5   Research Questions                                                     
1.6   Statement of Hypothesis                                               
1.7   Significance of the Study                                              
1.8   Limitation of the Study                                         
1.9   Definitions of Terms                                                     
2.0   Literature Review                                                        
2.1   Introduction                                                                
2.2   Packaging Modification a Marketing Tool         
2.3   Packaging and its Role in Cosmetic Product     
2.4   Importance of Packaging                              
2.5   Packaging Policies and Strategies                   
2.6   Criticism of Packaging                                  
3.0   Research Methodology                                 
3.1   Source of Data Collection                                      
3.2   Population of the study                                 
3.3   Sampling Procedure and Technique                
3.4   Determination of Sample Size                                
3.5   Questionnaire Distribution Method                  
3.6   Validity and Reliability                                  
3.7   Method of Data Analysis                                       
4.0    Presentation of Data Analysis and Interpretation
4.1    Introduction                                                        
4.2    Presentation                                                       
4.3    Testing of Hypothesis                                   
5.0   Summary, Conclusion and Recommendation
5.1   Summary of Finding                                             
5.2   Conclusion                                                  
5.4   Recommendation                                        
Packaging is a general group of activities in product planning that involves designing and producing the container or wrapper for a product a brand packaging is highly visible. When a product tends to sell itself without the company’s promotion then we say that packaging is serving as silent salesman.
The important of packaging in any customer oriented business organization cannot be over emphasized. It is a powerful selling tool and propels consumers into buying, unlike a salesman who runs around for selling of goods and services.
Packaging will adequately perform its function provided the packaging of the product is attractive. Most companies now recognize packaging for protection and promotional functions. It should be noted that packaging presently plays an important role in the purchase or non-purchase of product.
A packaging should be designed to perform among functions among which are protection function and promotional function etc.
A product packaging apart from protecting the product control contents provide important information about the product such as product brand name price discrimination inbred method of usage expiring data and warning to the consumers. A product packaging design. In some cases however, consumers may tends to look for the content or quantitative value of the product there by over looking the packaging elements as an important marketing tools for advertising and other necessary information consumers need as an influencing factor towards buying decision.
But as a matter of fact, consumers of beverages in most cases evaluate the quality of a particular brand by the alternative of its packaging in relation to the brand getting products into the market in the desire state and at affordable price. They cause high cost of packaging materials yet the package appears to be indispensable. A packaging keeps a product intact and available to the final consumers.
Therefore, the market of a product has to confront the issue of package in the case of any product (physical) that is offered that to the market. Of all the controllable variables that enter into the marketing decision. Only marketing plays a major role in all the strategic marketing executive refers to packages as the fifth “ps” of marketing price, product, place (distribution) and promotion.
Packaging performs other vital function which are as follows:
1.   It should be made useful in self services retailing it should perform the function of sales man as consumer (buyer) just go to the shelves inspect and decides after seeing the description and the use of the item.
2.   It should establish product differences as could be evidenced in the art of design the sample or shape or the materials used.
3.   Packaging should add to mage prestige and beauty of a product. This could lead to impulse buying purchase.
4.   It should attest to the qualities of the product a good packaging is a moral booster to the image of the company. An appearance they say, shows the manner.
5.   Packaging is the only significant way a company can differentiate its product from others. According to Johnson and wood (1977) in their discussion on protective function of packaging said that for a package to have performed a protective function the package must:
i.             Restrain the product from undesired movement.
ii.            Protection of the content from outside violation and shock.
iii.          Provide sufficient exterior surface to that identification and shipping labels can be applied along with specific instrument such as the side up.
iv.          Enclose the materials both to product both and product other items from them.
v.           Support the weight of identifies container that will be stacked above it as part of the building block concept.
vi.          Protect the product against processes and also be used to reduce contamination by dust and dirty.
This company deals on many items such as quality reams, soaps, hair creams perfume and other expensive items and they have been competing favorable in the market.
Roban stores Enugu is one of the existing leading stores on packaging among other competitors both in the way of establishing the  company spends so much as to attract customers to make more profit for the organization.
          Consumers non-satisfaction arises from the fact does not conform to the quality standards of products produced. The following list constitute some of the problems areas confronting local producers in the country. Roban stores has a lot of problems  which the researcher  believes that by the help of the research would have a lot of solutions.
Some of the problems are as follows. Whether or not quality plays a significant role in arousing demand for a product. whether or not consumers assess the quality of the company’s products before buying.
Whether consumers have emphasis about products presently in the market which could lead to a possible new product opportunity.
Whether consumers assess they of beverage they buy.
Inaccuracy of information to know the product they (consumers) prefer and why.
        The purpose of this study is to examine the concept of packaging as it affects the marketing performance of any organization. The specific objectives are as follows:
1.   To appraise the packaging strategies of Roban stores Enugu.
2.   To identify the defects in the current product packaging strategies of Roban stores Enugu.
3.   To identify the initiating against effective product packaging by Roban stores.
4.   To also determine how product packaging affect consumer purchase behavior in buying from Roban Stores.
5.   To also establish how effective product packaging will result in result in increased market share by Roban stores.
The gradual development of trade brought on a demand for suitable first container to hold the goods during earliest transport corners were difficult to obtain, expensive and over all the necessary things for doing business because it increases the total costs of producing a particular commodity. The main purpose for which these containers were used to be transport from one place to another.
        Protecting of the commodity or product as a goal of packaging came much later and the concept of wing the packaging as a promotional or marketing tools was never have really developed until early 60’s. their mighty have been merchandisers of all sports in these ancient days with a container but history did not record anymore.
        Finally to recommend the most appropriate product packaging strategies that should enable Roban stores achieve market share.
1.4    SCOPE OF THE STUDY                         
        The extent of coverage of the study is within the frame  of the topic. As such the study will examine the concept of packaging as it affects the marketing performance of Roban stores Enugu.
        The research could be based on the relationship between packaging and the marketing performance. This is because most of the high consumer products are based on cosmetics and toiletries, the product whishs to understand the level of packaging and size to use in the market so as to attract customers.
1.   Does management consider packaging as an effective tool for marketing performance?
2.   Do you consider product packaging as an effective concept  in marketing  performance?
3.   Are there significant relationship between packaging and organization marketing performance?
4.   Does packaging contribute to growth in market share?
5.   Are there correction between packaging and profit growth?
HI:   there is significant relationship between packaging and sales growth of your organization.
H2:   packaging contributes to growth in marketing share.
H0:   there is correlation between packaging and profit growth.
This research work intends to identify and highlight those factors that are necessary in cosmetics product packaging, design and their effect on consumer buyer decision. The study is also to know how packaging would be of benefit to consumers various stakeholders, management, companies as well as the future researcher and so on. It is expected that the finding shall help the customers to easily differentiate the design of the product from those of the competitors which will lead to customers satisfaction and consequently lead to increased sales turnover.
The study go along way in improving sales turnover and market share to the firm. This will invariably lead to an increased general profit maximization and position. The study will help various stakeholders to know the products that is of high quality, which will lead to the satisfaction and consequently increases sales turnover. It will also make the producer to know how to improve on the quality of their products so as to be attractive to customers.
Finally it will also use as a reference materials to the future researchers.
Behaviour – This has to do with the consumer in the market.      
Compatibility – this can b defined as the consistent use of product together.
Innovation – this is the process of introducing something new.
Inventory Control – the steps taken to control the purchase storage and dispatch of product.
Materials – Raw materials used in producing goods.
Marketing Mix – this has to do with the element of `marketing product price placement and promotion (distribution).
Management – this is the process of coordinating
planning and managing the people who manages the business.
Merchandise – these one agents that sell goods for companies.
Packaging – this is a process of arranging a product in order to make it more attractive it is also any materials used in wrapping a product item.  
Price – an amount of major for which a product is bought or sold.
Product – this is an item derived by transferring new materials to finish goods.
Promotion – this involves activities done in order to increase the sales of a product or services.
Quality – a degree of excellence of product or a distinctive or a product.
Quantity – this is a total amount or a number of product.
Sales – this is the exchanges of a product for money that
is an event at which goods are sold.


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